Wedding Gifts
artistic gift ideas to surprise bride, groom or couple

Gifts with a romantic touch ... for wedding, anniversary, engagement and also Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions ...
Surprise your loved ones!
You can also find ideas here for gifts for bridesmaids, mother of the bride, or other family of the couple.
Everything is available through Zazzle and can easily be customized if you like:
Pictures can be replaced by pictures of your own choice and texts can be deleted or customized.

Bridal Recipe Binder

Personalized recipe binder with an image of a wedding cake on a black and cherry pink striped background

Fisherman's Harbor Coaster

Beach and ocean themed wedding coaster featuring a beach sunset framed by a stone arch with a fisherman's net and shells and starfish - also nice as an anniversary gift

Bridal Notebook

Notebook featuring festive sparkling lights and white lace on a rustic wood background. Beautiful for a bridal shower or as wedding planner

Tote Bag

Beach themed tote bag featuring an image of sand dunes overlooking a beach and ocean with your custom texts. Beautiful for a bride, bridesmaids or mother of the bride

Luggage Tag

Romantic floral design luggage tag. Beautiful for a destination wedding or honeymoon

First Christmas Together Ornament

Christmas ornament featuring your own custom photo framed by a silver lining on dark wood

Gift Tag

Romantic beach and wine themed gift tag with an original painting of wine bottle and glasses on the beach. Beautiful for a gift or wedding favor

Wedding Photo Phone Case

Elegant phone case with your own wedding, engagement or anniversary photo framed by an image of a romantic wedding cake with pink roses

Rustic Pink Floral Pillow

Gorgeous wedding or anniversary pillow featuring elegant pink flowers on a rustic burlap and wood background

Wedding Wall Clock

Romantic wedding wall clock featuring a mountain lake at sunset with a lantern

Wedding Wall Clock

Romantic wedding wall clock with vintage grapes - with a wink to the wine-o-clock jokes

Wine Charm

Custom wine charm featuring shells on the beach. Beautiful for bride, bridesmaids or ...

Wine Charm

Custom wine charm featuring a white lace henna or tattoo design on a warm brown orange hearts and damask pattern with your custom text. Great for a wedding! (set of 4 or a single charm)

Porcelain Plate

Wedding or anniversary porcelain plate featuring an artistic sunflower design on golden stripes with your custom background color

Chic Striped Pillow

A stylish modern design pillow featuring your custom monogram and text on a silver pale blue grey stripe pattern

Wedding stone coaster

Beach and ocean themed wedding stone coaster featuring an image of dunes overlooking the beach and ocean - also nice as an anniversary gift

Wedding Journal

Dream wedding journal or wedding planner featuring colorful tropical fish in a dreamy sparkling ocean - nice gift for the bride-to-be

Bridal Binder

Romantic floral binder with tree bark and pink flowers. Beautiful for a bridal shower or as wedding planner

Chic Striped Floral Tote Bag

Gorgeous romantic tote bag featuring colorful flowers on a chic silver grey striped background

Silver Grey Striped Tie

Chic tie with a silver grey striped design

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