Venus - spiritual fine art by Anne Vis

The last couple of months I have been exploring the ancient Goddesses, as you may have seen in a painting of the Goddess Freyja. I have found some interesting articles claiming that not only Freyja, but also Mary Magdalen are representing the same energy that is filed under the caption “Venus”. I found that a quite bold statement and at the same time a challenging concept. Are there really more gods? Or is there just one? In the Europe of the Middle Ages, people obviously thought quite differently about religion than we do now. And by that time the witch hunt (goddess hunt?) was fierce. No more Venus, no more black cats. In fact it is hard to find a black cat in Europe that doesn’t have any white hairs even today. If I psychically tune into Venus, she was so much more than just beauty and sensuality. All these goddesses, be it Bastet, Aphrodite, Venus or Freyja stand for wisdom and joy, together with the harmony between black and white or good and evil. The rise above the duality we are facing today. Also the black cat is not a dark entity, but rather a light being filled with love and wisdom. It’s this higher wisdom that was so much feared by the churches.

Anyway, I’ve attempted to create a painting of Venus, not in her usual nakedness, but as an innocent angel-like goddess in her divine purity. The cat Knor* stands for wisdom and sensuality, as she strokes the legs of Venus. The blackbird is singing in the tree as she watches them.

* The word “Knor” refers to the inner spirit or light being of felines

Venus – the Goddess of Art and Beauty