Top 5 Halloween Tricks

Halloween is around the corner and I’m sharing some ideas today. Although in recent times, for some, Halloween has turned more into a satanic worshipping party, the actual meaning was just the other way around: to chase away the dark spirits! So let’s get started with some practical ideas.

Halloween Business Cards

I’m starting with some business card templates, as they will help you if you have a business, or, if you are planning a party, to create tickets.

Halloween Party Invitations

And what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a party? Here are some invitations:

Halloween Wine Labels

It’s nice to bring a gift to the host of your (dinner) party and a personalized label on your hand picked wine will be greatly appreciated. Alternately, you can also use custom wine labels to add to the wine you are serving at the party. Especially nice for birthday or other themes that coincide with Halloween.

Find more wine labels on the main site personalized wine label page

Halloween Recipe Postcards

A postcard is great to wish a Happy Halloween, or:
share fabulous Halloween inspired recipes!

The Treats ...

Of course the fun part of Halloween are the treats:

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Top 5 Halloween Tricks