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Are you looking for an original design style for your outfit that is still affordable? I’ve created a unique collection with an abstract flow wave design in dreamy shades of green with happy light sparkles. You can place the design on any product available at Zazzle as the pattern can be tiled. Some examples:

And for him:

Also nice on a scarf or tank top for instance.
Or: for home styling products:

And you can also place this design on a phone or laptop case:

Or: take a look at the products I have already created for you.

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In the mood for spring?

I’ve created a new design pattern with a happy spring theme. Sometimes it is refreshing to fall back on simple geometry and let the colors create that feel-good vibe. I’m showing just of few of the many products that can be created with this pattern. As you can transfer the design to any product that is available on Zazzle, you’ll always be able to get that special gift, home decor item or outfit you are looking for. I’m starting with a tote bag, with (optional) monogram or other texts:

A bag to cheer up yourself, or to give to the bridesmaids, mother of the bride or a friend’s birthday …
And these leggings are easy to combine with lots of colors, so that you’ll always look great when wearing them:

And then a tie with this spring checkered pattern:

You can check out the entire collection of products I already made, or transfer the design to a new product.

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Mondrian in Neon Glow

Today I am featuring some products with a design inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan. In the US for some obscure reason better known as Mondrian. I’ve added a green color and some glow effects. All products are available on Zazzle and the design can be scaled, dragged or rotated. You can find all options on the product pages. The first item is a lamp:

Then a tie for him:

And a bandana for her:

You can transfer this pattern to other products available on Zazzle if you like!
And you may also like to check out a previous post with a similar design.

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Tin Roof Inspired Design

Tin roof design is the new trend! I’ve created two abstract striped patterns based on a tin roof image, with a metallic look. I’m showing some of the products made with them today. As always, you can transfer the pattern image to any other product on Zazzle that you like. Starting with a flask:
Tin Roof Inspired Metallic Design Flask
Tin Roof Inspired Metallic Design Flask

Then a tie:

You can see more products with this tin roof striped pattern in the collection.

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Christmas gifts: artistic ties

Ties are back! You can use them in a casual way or to dress up. Whichever way you choose, they can add style or color to an outfit. And they make great gifts for the Holidays! I’ve gathered a few for you here today, to begin with a leaded glass design created from a church window (how cool is that!):

A blue and gold star design:

A burgundy gold stripe:

A colorful green and red checkered design:

And last, but not least, a modern abstract geometric design tie:

You may also like a previous post with ties.

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Inspiring Christmas Ideas

Today’s feature is a colorful green and red pattern design for the Holidays. The good news is that it is not the same old, but a refreshing new checkered design that has that Christmas feeling, yet not “over the top”. I’ve created a collection of products and today I’ll show you a few that are nice as gifts or as outfit. And since the design is both unique and universal, you can use these items all year round. The first is a tote bag with an optional monogram:

A travel or cosmetic bag:

A legging:

And a tie:

You may also like to check out the entire collection. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always transfer the design to another product that Zazzle offers, from one of the product pages.

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Autumn Fashion for Men: ties

Back to work … in a new outfit? Today I am featuring a few ties that are great for a fresh new autumn style:

This tie combines stylish black with metallic design in rose gold copper colors.
And the next one is a gold and black design with warm ocher:

Looking for something more eye-catching? This tie shows a green, ocher and orange red striped design:

You can take a look at other ties on the main website tie collection or check out a previous post with ties.

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Blue Jeans as base for modern design

A classic blue jeans is an eternal inspiration for designers. I’ve used it to create a cheerful pattern in the colors of the American flag. Pretty on clothing as well as gifts or for home decor. I’m starting with a tote bag, great for shopping groceries as well as for a day in town:

As you can see, this pattern is also inspired by patchwork and quilting traditions.
This tie can be worn casually classic with jeans:

And you may also enjoy it in a living room as pillow:

You can also take a look at the entire collection as I’ve created several more products with this pattern. If you don’t see it on a product that you would like, you can transfer the design to your product of choice (if available on Zazzle).

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For him: ties

Are you looking for a gift for your man or are you a man wanting to look the part? Even though ties are formal dressing, it is nice to add a touch of color and celebrate spring with your outfit. I’ve added several new ties with vibrant and happy colors and are showing some here:

This tie with a rainbow striped design has your custom background color! That way you can make it match your own personal outfit! And don’t you just love this beach style:

You may also like a previous post with a black and white tie or one with a Mondrian inspired tie design.

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Gift ideas in black and white

Black and white: the safe option or always trendy? Somehow this basic “color” combination never tires. Today I am featuring some gifts in this basic color setting:
The first is a tie in a tribal style:

Then, with the summer around the corner, you may like to check out these flip flops:

Always cute: a personalized magnet with your own photo. This magnet has a checkered black and white patterned frame:

The last one for today is a black and white wall clock:

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