Smell the Roses – fine art design gifts

It’s been a while, but I made a new painting in the series of floating flowers, this time with a slightly different painting technique. And you can now also find this art on products for your home or gifts. The first one is a pillow:

Of course you can transfer the painting to any other product that Zazzle offers on which it fits, but I added two more to help you get started: a floating flowers tote bag with your custom monogram (optional, or add other texts if you like):

And a wine label! I made it to give to your mother in law, but you can also customize it for any other occasion:

A big cheers to you!

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Blue Jeans as base for modern design

A classic blue jeans is an eternal inspiration for designers. I’ve used it to create a cheerful pattern in the colors of the American flag. Pretty on clothing as well as gifts or for home decor. I’m starting with a tote bag, great for shopping groceries as well as for a day in town:

As you can see, this pattern is also inspired by patchwork and quilting traditions.
This tie can be worn casually classic with jeans:

And you may also enjoy it in a living room as pillow:

You can also take a look at the entire collection as I’ve created several more products with this pattern. If you don’t see it on a product that you would like, you can transfer the design to your product of choice (if available on Zazzle).

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Pillows with a Beach theme

If you love the beach, you’ll want to check out the special beach pillows. I’ve created a series of pillows with beach themes that are available in square and lumbar size and both for indoor or outdoor purposes.
The first one features a geometric design with sand, starfish and a romantic view of a sunset on a tropical beach:

And an elegant silver grey striped design with an anchor and custom monogram on optional shape backgrounds:

And a rustic wedding pillow with waves and dark wood lining:

The next pillow with a painted beach scene with wine and glasses is perfect for the romantic soul or a beach wedding, not to mention the wine lovers among us 🙂

You may also like the following classic pillows in blue with an anchor:

And this blue evening pillow with lighthouse and two seagulls is both nice for a couple or anyone who loves seagulls and lighthouses:

You can also check out more pillows in the collection.

Have a beautiful summer!

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Interior design in black and ocher

Black and ocher: a wonderfully alive and contrasting color combination that works wonders for your interior. Today I am featuring some items for your home in these colors. Especially if you have a lot of dark colors in your styling, the ocher will pop!

The geometric design gives it class as well, as you can see in this lumbar sized pillow.
And what do you think of a lamp:

The ocher will spread a really nice and warm light in the evenings.

And a tile for bathroom or kitchen. This works best if you alternate with plain black tiles or also plain ocher tiles in a slight variety of colors. That way your end result will be stylish and not too busy.
And last but not least: a pouf!

You can also check out more ideas for your home here

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day being just around the corner, I am featuring a couple of gift ideas for moms today. The first is a cute pillow with photos of the children or other favorite pictures and your custom text:

And pink (it’s the sweet color of love after all!): a personalized photo mug with your own photos:

And since summer is around the corner: watercolor painted flip flops:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at the collection with gifts for Mom!

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Green Pillows

Would you like to have more green in your environment? If you can’t have more plants in your home or have no influence on what is happening in your street, you can add imagery with green to cheer up the place. Today I am featuring green pillows:

This first pillow has a wild variety of leaves on a mint green background. Available in lumber and square size.

The second pillow is best in square size and combines green with teal colors.
And last, but not least a green checkered watercolor patterned pillow in more moss green colors, which is nice both in lumber and square size:

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Colorful Fractal Flowers

You might think they have disappeared from the planet, but actually some are still here: I am talking fractals! Today I am sharing three products with a colorful fractal design, that have resisted time are still best selling. The first product is a binder with this floral fractal art:

And then a pillow: a real eye catcher!

And the third one will come in handy this summer as you go traveling, or to use for you make up as you travel to work:

You can also add your own text if you like!

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Mondrian inspired gifts

Mondrian was in reality Mondriaan, a famous Dutch artist. Today I am showing some gifts with a patterned design inspired by the art of Mondriaan. The first is a tie. A really nice eye-catcher 🙂

The second is a pillow. Especially beautiful in very white, black or plain blue environments, it will enliven your space:

Then a cute little gift: a keychain with a Mondrian inspired design:

And for those of us using a mousepad, this one will come in very handy:

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Love horses? Home styling with pillows for horse lovers

I love horses and if you have found this post, you probably do as well! I’ve created a few horse themed pillows as they are such inspiring animals.
The first pillow shows two horses in a watercolor painting. I styled this pillow for a newly wed couple, but of course you can customize the texts to suit your own needs:

The second pillow features two horses in contrasting colors:

You can either delete or customize the texts.
And last, but not least a pillow with horses in a mosaic variation:

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