Appointment Business Cards

For professionals who make appointments with customers, a special business card with space to write down the time and hour of the appointment comes in very handy. Today I am featuring some of the latest designs. This unique health care professional business card is great for a vet:

You can add your own photos on the front and write appointments on the back.
The next one is for a make up artist or beautician and features a bright red lipstick design in a minimalist style:

And the last one I am showing today, is a new gold stylized appointment business card that can be used by any (female) professional:

In the collection you can also find appointment business cards for teachers and other professions.

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Create a unique atmosphere with lighting

When choosing lighting for your office, child’s room or your living room, it is important to give some thought into what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. During daytime a lamp will have a different effect than when you light it in the evening. In the evening it will “pop” more and have more impact. For an office you might like a more cool light, which makes blue colors a good choice. That will also help you to stay awake. In your kid’s room, you may like a more soothing atmosphere and pastel colors will work better. In a living room pastels can give a romantic and feel-good atmosphere. However, if you’re a single man, that might not be what you’re after: a more neutral color choice will be more effective for you.
I’ve created quite a few new lamps, and I will showcase just a few here today. You can choose whether you want a tripod or standing lamp. To begin, a lamp with a beach scene with dunes. Very relaxing for a bed room:

Then an elegant pastel design lamp with stripes in different peach, chocolate and cream colors:

And a gorgeous lamp featuring a cat family on a marble design background. Needless to say: great for any cat lover, and will also be beautiful for a kid’s room:

You can see more lamps in the collection.

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New gift certificates to boost your business

As promised, I’ve created many new business cards and today I’d like to share some of the new gift cards with you. They are all in regular business card or credit card size, which makes them very easy to safe for your clients. It’s a great way to get your happy customers to pass on the satisfaction with your products or services. To begin with, I’ve made a gift certificate for an Italian business and you’ll love that you can customize just about anything on this card. Add your own photo, choose your own background color and drag, rotate or delete the text background and/or Number One emblem:

The back of the card is white, to make it easy for you to print or write on.
Then a minimalist gift card for a barber shop or hair stylist in sand colors:

The third gift certificate I’d like to feature today is a card with a hot air balloon:

Are you looking for gift certificates for other businesses? Then check out the entire collection.

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#MondayMotivation Business Cards for Interior Designers

Starting a new week with inspiration for your business. Today I am featuring business cards for interior designers. Since you can customize the designs, some business cards will also work well for other professions. For instance this minimalist stylish black business card:

You can add your own photo, and with a black background, it will really pop!
Take a look at more business cards for interior designers in this collection:

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Business cards for a bakery

Today’s featured business card in the series #MondayMotivation is a business card for a sweet bakery. This business card shows an illustration with cupcakes and pies in pastel colors:

You can also check out other business cards for bakeries in the collection:

As you can see there are also business cards for bakeries specializing in bread or those that do not offer sweet treats.

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#MondayMotivation: Loyalty business cards

A great way to keep customers coming back, is by offering loyalty discounts. Today I am showing some loyalty business cards. Featured is a stylish loyalty business card with a neutral silver, gold and copper design that would work well for a large variety of different professions:

You can also check out the collection of loyalty and referral business cards:

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#MondayMotivation: Business Cards for Fitness and Personal Trainers

Today’s business cards are for fitness professionals or personal trainers. The featured design shows a gold and rose gold stylized trendy image of an exercising woman with weights on a black background.

Come January, people will be wanting to lose weight and start to workout, so this is a great time to order business cards.
You may also like to check out the other fitness and personal trainer business cards in the collection:

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#MondayMotivation Business cards for dietitians

Today’s feature is a business card for a nutritionist or dietitian. As the new year is rapidly approaching, you will be very busy with new customers wanting to lose weight, so it’s a good idea to stock up on business cards. This business card shows fresh vegetables with an elegant gold printed text background area:

You may also like to check out other designs in the collection:

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