Mondrian in Neon Glow

Today I am featuring some products with a design inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan. In the US for some obscure reason better known as Mondrian. I’ve added a green color and some glow effects. All products are available on Zazzle and the design can be scaled, dragged or rotated. You can find all options on the product pages. The first item is a lamp:

Then a tie for him:

And a bandana for her:

You can transfer this pattern to other products available on Zazzle if you like!
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Mondrian inspired gifts

Mondrian was in reality Mondriaan, a famous Dutch artist. Today I am showing some gifts with a patterned design inspired by the art of Mondriaan. The first is a tie. A really nice eye-catcher 🙂

The second is a pillow. Especially beautiful in very white, black or plain blue environments, it will enliven your space:

Then a cute little gift: a keychain with a Mondrian inspired design:

And for those of us using a mousepad, this one will come in very handy: