Loyalty Business Cards

Referral and Loyalty Business Cards

A great way to entice customers to return to your business is by handing out loyalty cards. I’ve created several new loyalty cards, all in business card size. This makes it easy for your clients to carry in their wallet!

Loyalty cards in business card size

You can also check out the entire loyalty business cards collection.
All business cards are available on Zazzle.

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You can find more business cards on Anne Vis’ website

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Let’s get loud: colorful business cards

After a long time of muted and faded colors, bold is back! And if you want to promote your business that is good news, as you’ll most certainly get more attention. I’ve created a new series of eye-catching business cards:

This business card will certainly attract attention with it’s red and green design.
The second example shows a more painterly style created with brushes:

And then a checkered design business card in bold colors:

You may also like to check out the collection with bold colored business cards

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What to look for in business cards when targeting a female audience

If your business has a predominantly female clientele, you want to create a style that appeals to women. So today I am sharing some thoughts about business card styles. Of course any business card you choose, has to be about you and your business, so you need to stick to your essence. Who are you? What matters to you and your business?
Then who is your client? Are you targeting the top segment of the market, then you may like a more minimalist style that shows chic. Some examples of this:

An elegant silver metallic effect with confetti on a grey blush background.

You want to go for something a little different, but not distracting too much from your core business. A photo of your expertise or your most cherished project may appeal to your customers.
And this is another example of a business card with your own photos:

A subtle geometric background style adds a trendy touch.
Of course you can also start with specific business cards targeted to your profession, like this dietitian business card:

You can see a warm peach orange color here and this is an energizing color scheme. It warms your client to your business.
If you are looking for a more distant approach, like would be more appropriate for a medical professional for instance, you might want to choose a cooler blue:

A creative professional might want to use more colors:

For more inspiration you can check out the webpage with business cards for female professionals, which is also a great source for businesses with a female clientele. You can also find links to several different collections for each profession.

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Create an eye catching business card with your own photos

Your own photos add that extra personal touch as you reach out to your customers. I’ve made it easy for you to add custom photos to your business card as I made a whole bunch of new templates. You don’t always have to replace all photos from the templates and although I’ve taken care to add more neutral themed examples, you can of course also add a photo of yourself. That makes it easier for customers or colleagues to remember who they have spoken to, especially when they meet a lot of new people on a trade show. So here are some examples:
The first one has a soft powder or dusty blue design:

Then a coral and peach painted design:

And this simple chalkboard black design just asks for a colorful touch with your own images:

And you are looking for a romantic atmosphere? You may enjoy this chocolate colored lace enhanced design:

I’ve made too many designs to show them all now, so maybe I’ll add some more on the blog later. But meantime you can check out more business cards on the website or take a look at the collection.

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New gift certificates to boost your business

As promised, I’ve created many new business cards and today I’d like to share some of the new gift cards with you. They are all in regular business card or credit card size, which makes them very easy to safe for your clients. It’s a great way to get your happy customers to pass on the satisfaction with your products or services. To begin with, I’ve made a gift certificate for an Italian business and you’ll love that you can customize just about anything on this card. Add your own photo, choose your own background color and drag, rotate or delete the text background and/or Number One emblem:

The back of the card is white, to make it easy for you to print or write on.
Then a minimalist gift card for a barber shop or hair stylist in sand colors:

The third gift certificate I’d like to feature today is a card with a hot air balloon:

Are you looking for gift certificates for other businesses? Then check out the entire collection.

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Ideas to make your business stand out this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not only one of the most beautiful days of the year as we celebrate harvest and everything we are thankful for, it is also a great opportunity for a business. In a world that is constantly changing and in turmoil, we may need to take just an extra step to find that light, but that’s where your magic comes sprinkling in 🙂 In today’s post I am offering some tools for you to make it happen. The first is a marketing postcard or invitation for an open house:

Choosing a special day for extra discounts or to launch a new product line as well as being open on a day that you normally aren’t, can attract new or different customers as well as your existing clients. If it’s appropriate for your business you can also make it like a community day or day out for families.
The next idea is to just say Thank You. Isn’t this what it’s all about?

Another way to Thank Customers is by handing out a special business card, to say Thanks for their business:

You may also like to use special gift tags for Thanksgiving or offer gift certificates.

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Business Cards – Marketing for Bloggers

It’s Monday again and today I am featuring business cards for bloggers. And as always, you can customize them for any other profession. The title blogger is just to help you find a category that most likely will match your needs.
What’s your style to stand out of the crowd?
Special highlight is this unique and colorful business card with your own photo:

Take a look at all business cards in the collection:

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New: custom shapes – check out these business cards!

Zazzle has a very exciting new tool: custom shapes. This means that it has become very easy to create your own layout for any product! Today I am showing examples of business cards. As you can see there are colored fields. These are created with custom rectangle shapes. You can also add lines and circles in any color, and of course: your own logo!

I had a blast with these new options, and I am sure you will have fun too! Take a look at some more examples that I made:

I targeted these business cards for marketing and public relations, but of course you can use them for any purpose.

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#MondayMotivation Business Cards for Interior Designers

Starting a new week with inspiration for your business. Today I am featuring business cards for interior designers. Since you can customize the designs, some business cards will also work well for other professions. For instance this minimalist stylish black business card:

You can add your own photo, and with a black background, it will really pop!
Take a look at more business cards for interior designers in this collection:

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#MondayMotivation Business Cards for Caregivers

It’s Monday again and to start the week, I am focusing on business. This time with business cards for caregivers. As a center piece I have chosen a dark green business card with a fresh pink flower and a space for your own photo (optional).

As always, you can customize this business card for your own purposes. Or check out the entire collection:

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