Obsessive Cat Disorder Coffee Therapy Mugs

There are so many ways in which cats make us laugh … Today I am featuring some mugs with funny cat photos and/or humorous texts. You can replace all photos with your own photos if you like and you can add your own texts. The first mug is colorful with an artistic design:

The other mugs have a striped design:


So far you can choose between beige, grey, blue and orange stripes.
You can find all of them in the cat mug collection.
Happy #Caturday!

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Funny Birthday Cards with a Wine or Beer Theme

Today I am featuring some brand new birthday cards for wine and beer lovers who also love cats or dogs. Let’s start with the cats. There are two new cards with cats and they both wear glasses, and you guessed it already: sure you need your glasses (of wine). This is of course a wink to those of us of a certain age who need reading glasses 🙂

And this one with a serious looking, Maine Coon cat:

And a variation to this theme with a boxer dog and beer:

Beautiful cards to bring a smile 🙂
You can also take a look at more birthday cards in the collection.

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Funny Cat Art

It’s #Caturday again, a great day to share the latest adventures of Knor, the cat. I must say, she had me in stitches for days. This time she made a makeshift diving suit all by herself: complete with the cover of an alarm clock and the shedded tail of a mermaid. Did you know that mermaids shed their skins, just like snakes do? I did not, but apparently Knor figured this out 🙂
So after she made her diving suit, she managed to catapult herself into the pond. And before you know it, she was off playing with the koi fish. Cats are known to eat koi (they have highly sophisticated taste as you know), but today Knor was happy just to play:

Gone fishing ...
You may also take a look at Knor’s adventures from last week (also very funny).

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#Caturday: Funny surreal cat art

Oftentimes I set out to paint something specific, and then suddenly the whole scene changes. Today I am featuring a fine art painting of a woman in a fitting room, trying on a new dress. Then all of a sudden all sorts of animals entered the scene. The culprit is a the cute little kitty on the left, as she is pushing the mirror with her little paw … and then: phew! Magic happens! Usually this is the realm of angel knors, the angel form of cats. They are known for their ability to change a scene in an instant and bring light where a situation seems hopeless. In this case the clever little cat Knor has managed to bring about change … just maybe not what was expected … Nevertheless: always good for a smile! 🙂
The Fitting Room - fine art painting
Then a small sweet mouse came on … Although it’s usually not a great idea to have mice roaming the house, I personally think they are totally cute 😉
You may also like to check out other paintings in the surreal art gallery

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#Caturday – funny cat phone cases

Cats are always great for a smile and today I am featuring funny phone cases with cute cats to celebrate #Caturday 🙂
The first one is a girly pink phone with a smiling cute kitty:

You can delete or drag the paw prints if you like.
The second one is a clown with suspicious cat features:

And I can’t resist to share this cutie with you:

Of course you can customize all texts. Beautiful for anyone who loves cats!

Also check out more cat themed phone casesin the collection.

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#Caturday! Funny cat art with a red umbrella

It’s #Caturday and I am celebrating my furry purry friends. Today is a showcase of paintings of cats in the city in the rain.
The first painting features a mysterious lady with a red umbrella, followed by cats. She is a cat whisperer and magically attracts cats from all corners and alleys …
The Cat Whisperer
And the second painting features two kitties under a red umbrella in a busy street in town:
painting with cats under a red umbrella

Stay tuned for more adventures of the cats! 🙂

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#Caturday! Photo magnets for cat lovers

This Caturday I am continuing where I left off yesterday. Photo magnets are just so much fun and especially when they involve our furry purry friends 🙂

The first magnet has space for two of your best cat photos and features a vintage door with metal works. Perfect for a crazy cat lady on a diet as the cats will serve as guardians of the fridge. Of course you can also add your own funny texts!

This second photo magnets shows your photo of your kitty in an enchanted forest with colorful leaves. Beautiful as keepsake or also as a cat memorial gift.

And the third photo magnet is best if your cat has just had babies and you have gorgeous photos of several baby kittens … adorable and for sure to warm the heart of any crazy cat lady or cat lover … the starter kit or your own text! The framing image is a beautiful gold stylized Moroccan quatrefoil design.

And a similar magnet with a wood background.
So surprise your cat loving friends with a cute gift …

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Gifts for wine lovers: personalized tote bags

Are you looking for a gift for a wine lover, but you don’t know which wine you should give them? You may think of other wine themed gifts. Today I am showing some elegant tote bags with a wine theme:
The first one has a city style design with a wild swirling glass of wine on a colorful bokeh background

And what do you think of this one? A classy newspaper style design bag with a bottle of wine in a retro holder:

Of course, as with all products, you can change or delete the texts as well as choose your custom fonts and more!
For white wine lovers:

And this beautiful dark green tote bag with an original painting of a wine bottle with glasses:

From the sidebar menu you can get an overview of more gifts for wine lovers.

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#Caturday! Surreal funny cat art on your wall

Today is a great day, as it is #Caturday and time to celebrate our furry purry friends. Always makes me feel delighted and as usual the cats make me smile. I am featuring paintings for on your wall from the surreal art gallery today.
The first painting is a new one, showing a cute cross-eyed cat fish (or should I say mercat?) reaching for a mouse on the moon. The background is a dreamy desert landscape, all in an indigo blue and warm ocher orange color setting.
Funny surreal cat art with a cat fish and a mouse on the moon

You may also like another surreal art painting in a similar color setting:
Surreal art painting featuring a doll on a swing in a fantasy landscape

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#Caturday! Served with love … by my staff :-)

#Caturday deserves a cute gift for cat lovers. Today’s feature is a real gem for a crazy cat lady, although I am sure other cat lovers will also appreciate it. I’m talking about this funny serving tray with the sweetest kitty:

… and your own funny texts of course! 🙂
You may also like to check out other serving trays:

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