Home Styling in Green

Home Styling in Green

Home styling in green: design ideas for your living space in green colors.
Green may not be the most easy color to use for home styling, so you need to move carefully here, as different greens can clash. One way to make it easier, is to start with a white or off-white base in your home styling. Then add green accents and of course: plants! I’m showing some examples of products with a green color scheme:

Bring nature in your home with green design

Green home styling combined with other colors

Notice how beautiful green is when combined with vibrant reds or oranges:

More Home Styling Ideas

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Gifts and Home Styling for Coffee Lovers

Gifts for coffee lovers

Gifts & Home Styling for Coffee Lovers

Nothing more soothing and uplifting than coffee! Today I am sharing gifts for coffee lovers as well as items to style your home. With a coffee theme of course! 🙂
The items shown are just examples, as all of them are available through Zazzle and can be transferred to any other product delivered by Zazzle. You can add or customize texts, as well as scale and/or rotate patterns and more. This way you can get the most personal product suiting your needs.
P.S. Some items may also tease the lover of chocolate! 🙂

Feel Good Home Style

Products based on an original painting with a mug of coffee on a rustic wood table:

Personalized Phone Cases with a coffee theme

Personalized phone cases with a coffee theme. You can transfer the design to the type of phone case you need on the product pages. Great to treat yourself or someone you love!

Coffee Pattern

A romantic vintage Paris themed pattern with coffee in a collage of watercolor paintings on a variety of products. Just to give you an idea of some of the products available …

Coffee Mugs

Of course coffee taste the best in your personal mug:

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Interior design in black and ocher

Black and ocher: a wonderfully alive and contrasting color combination that works wonders for your interior. Today I am featuring some items for your home in these colors. Especially if you have a lot of dark colors in your styling, the ocher will pop!

The geometric design gives it class as well, as you can see in this lumbar sized pillow.
And what do you think of a lamp:

The ocher will spread a really nice and warm light in the evenings.

And a tile for bathroom or kitchen. This works best if you alternate with plain black tiles or also plain ocher tiles in a slight variety of colors. That way your end result will be stylish and not too busy.
And last but not least: a pouf!

You can also check out more ideas for your home here

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