Trendy personal gifts: photo mugs

Personalized gifts - photo mugs

Trendy: Personalized Photo Mugs

Personalized photo mugs are a great gift idea, as you can basically start from scratch and make it all your own. To get you started, I have created a whole range of template mugs. All you need to do is change the texts and photos and you’re done, super easy. All mugs are available on Zazzle and can also be transferred to other products if you like. I’ve gathered some groups by theme, like Mother’s Day, mugs for men, and weddings, but most of them you can customize for any occcasion. Though photo mugs are very trendy, the ones you’ll find here are unique!

Personalized photo mugs for Mom

Lovely personalized gifts for mom (or grandma), for Mother’s Day, her birthday or just because. And if the relationship with your mom is not all that great, you can always add photos of the cat 🙂
(more about that later …)

Custom Bridal Photo Mugs

Mugs for women, like your bridesmaids or flower girl. Beautiful to ask a girlfriend as bridesmaid or to thank someone. Customizable for other situations

Personalized Save The Date Photo Mugs

Personalized Wedding Photo Mugs

Photo Mugs for Him

Most of the mugs I am featuring today will appeal more to women than men. So this next section shows personalized gifts for men. Actually it is also nice to have a series of mugs with the same design and different photos in the office for each member of the team. Or to create a personal atmosphere at work with photos of loved ones.
Not to mention great birthday gifts!

You can also check out other gifts for him on the main site

Photo Mugs For Cat Lovers

Of course a special section for our furry purry friends can’t be missed!
Add your own favorite cat photos or leave the mugs as they are
(after all they are all totally adorable, aren’t they?)
with your custom texts

Or: take a look at other gifts for cat lovers on the main site

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Personalized Gifts for Dad

As it’s oftentimes a challenge to find nice gifts for a man, I’ve created some new gifts that may inspire you to find something unique and special for your dad, husband or other loved one. The first one is a cute gift for a cat loving guy, that can be customized to suit a non-cat-loving purpose (hard to imagine, but there are people who are not fond of cats) 🙂 This water bottle is great for day trips, work or sports:

You can find a slightly different version here.
The next idea is a notebook. This is especially a nice gift for someone just starting out with a new business or who loves to write poetry for instance. Or a travel journal: you can add photos if you like!
This notebook has a sturdy slightly grunge style design in blue grey and brown:

Want to add a nice personal touch? Your guy will love this gift tag. A beautiful faux leather design in brown and blue grey:

Also in faux leather style: a passport cover

Although Father’s Day is round the corner, the gift ideas in this post are also great for other situations. Want to see more? Check out the collection of gifts for him.

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A treat for him …

Ties are still a way to say classy and chic. And though they are a traditional men’s fashion item, there are now so many original designs that you can’t go wrong with them any more. They can add flair to a classic suit. So don’t hold back and check out my latest designs 🙂
I’m starting out with a playful blue floral leaf design:

Then a modern pale green geometric design:

And then a blue striped design with purple and teal green accents:

This design is also available in just blue and white
Can’t find what you are looking for? Check out more ties in the collection

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Valentine’s Day: gifts for him

A lot of attention around Valentine’s Day goes to women. It’s time to pamper men as well! So today I am featuring some funny or romantic gifts that might appeal to men. And as Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to share some good wine together, I am starting with a personalized wine label:

This wine label features a couple in a warm embrace under an umbrella, while it’s snowing hearts …
Then a men’s watch featuring a vintage steering wheel of a Mercedes Benz car:

And for a guy who loves to look smart, a tie with a checkered pattern on a subtle grunge heart background:

And my last idea for today is a flex magnet with a parody on the “Real men love cats” phrase:

A funny gift for a guy who loves cats and is into sci-fi and aliens, UFO’s …
And as always, you can customize, drag, rotate or delete the texts or transfer the design to another product on Zazzle

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Tin Roof Inspired Design

Tin roof design is the new trend! I’ve created two abstract striped patterns based on a tin roof image, with a metallic look. I’m showing some of the products made with them today. As always, you can transfer the pattern image to any other product on Zazzle that you like. Starting with a flask:
Tin Roof Inspired Metallic Design Flask
Tin Roof Inspired Metallic Design Flask

Then a tie:

You can see more products with this tin roof striped pattern in the collection.

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Keeping track of time … are you ready for a new year?

Today I am featuring some watches to help you keep track of time … especially useful for those who are notoriously late, to make sure they are right on time for a New Year 🙂 And let’s do it the old fashioned way with a beautiful vintage train locomotive:

And if you want to go all the way vintage, this steampunk pocket watch will do the trick:

And of course you don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous pocket watch with a coffee theme:

Time is a thing of the past … but I guess you already knew that …
And by the way: it’s purely coincidental that all watches are very suitable as a gift for men …

So here’s to the New Year: Cheers!

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Personalized mugs with big cats

If you’re a cat lover you’ll love this #Caturday post featuring personalized mugs with big cats. I’ve made them in such a way that they are both great for right handed as well as left handed people, as you can see the imagery well from either angle when you hold the mug. The first three mugs also have matching colors, which makes it nice to get one for each member of the family or colleague at the office.

This second mug has texts, which you can either delete or customize. Of course you can also add texts to the other mugs!

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Love to cook? Check out today’s Personalized Aprons

Today I am featuring aprons: nice as a gift for yourself if you love to cook or as a gift for someone who loves cooking. The aprons I am showing today are great for men as well and you can customize the texts:

And a cute one with a rooster:

You can also check out the collection with more gifts for him.

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Autumn Fashion for Men: ties

Back to work … in a new outfit? Today I am featuring a few ties that are great for a fresh new autumn style:

This tie combines stylish black with metallic design in rose gold copper colors.
And the next one is a gold and black design with warm ocher:

Looking for something more eye-catching? This tie shows a green, ocher and orange red striped design:

You can take a look at other ties on the main website tie collection or check out a previous post with ties.

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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It can be quite a challenge to find a suitable gift for Father’s Day, so today I am featuring some ideas with personalized gifts. The first is a phone case with your own photo and texts on a dark brown faux leather design:

The second gift idea is a luggage tag. This is also a faux leather design, in brown and black:

And since it has become trendy for men to cook: why not choose for a binder for favorite recipes? You can already add some of your own recipe ideas to get him started:

If your dad loves to look the part, you may get him a colorful tie. This blue pattern design will look great with most suits or also in combination with jeans:

And I can’t resist adding this beautiful grunge metal design phone case:

That’s it for today, I hope you can find something that will bring a smile on your dad’s face! And of course you don’t have to wait for Father’s Day or his birthday to get him something nice …

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