New gift certificates to boost your business

As promised, I’ve created many new business cards and today I’d like to share some of the new gift cards with you. They are all in regular business card or credit card size, which makes them very easy to safe for your clients. It’s a great way to get your happy customers to pass on the satisfaction with your products or services. To begin with, I’ve made a gift certificate for an Italian business and you’ll love that you can customize just about anything on this card. Add your own photo, choose your own background color and drag, rotate or delete the text background and/or Number One emblem:

The back of the card is white, to make it easy for you to print or write on.
Then a minimalist gift card for a barber shop or hair stylist in sand colors:

The third gift certificate I’d like to feature today is a card with a hot air balloon:

Are you looking for gift certificates for other businesses? Then check out the entire collection.

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Christmas Gift Card Templates

If you are running a small business, it might be interesting for you to issue gift cards in order to bring in new customers. Today I am featuring some with a Christmas theme:

A cute doll in a snow scene with pine cones and a gold and black design on the back.
Gold and black are of course beautiful for a classy look and here is another one in that color setting:

And a classic one that also has this magical touch of gold, with candles:

You may also like to check out other gift card templates.

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Boost your business with gift certificates

If you are a retailer or business owner dealing directly with customers, offering a gift certificate or gift card is a great way to attract new customers. I have created quite a few gift certificates in business card size, making it easy for your clients to carry the card in their wallet. I’ll show you the latest. The first is an elegant gold and black design, great for any business:

The second one is great for a coffee house or grand café:

I’ve also made a fall themed gift card for any business. Nice for the Thanksgiving season:

More gift certificates in business card size on the website. You’ll also find the Christmas Holidays gift cards there as well as special themed gift certificates.

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