Phone Cases with a personal touch

The iPhone 11 cases are out and I’ve made several new designs that fit this model. Of course you can also transfer your favorite design to another phone model if you don’t have an iPhone 11. Some models allow for adding your own photo, like this one:

The soft pastel background colors make this a beautiful case for a mom or grandmother, with a photo of their daughter or granddaughter.
The second design I would like to share with you today is an abstract floral design:

This design is also available in green
The last one I am showing for today features a guitar on a background of musical notes:

Beautiful for anyone who loves guitar music.
I’ve created several other new designs, including one for a nurse :-), and you can see them all in the collection.

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Need Vitamin Sea? New phone cases for beach lovers

Are you a beach and ocean lover or looking for a gift for someone who loves the coast? I’ve made a new series of phone covers with a beach theme. Happy designs with a lovely light summer feel …
The first one shows a seagull on a sunset over the coast background:

Then a sunset sea with a romantic lantern and exotic birds of paradise flowers:

And a moody beach with dunes:

And the last one for today: shells and starfish:

You may also like to check out the collection of all phone cases.
All designs can be applied to many different phone types and styles and you can customize or add texts as well as transfer the designs you like to other products available on Zazzle.

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Love to cook? Check out today’s Personalized Aprons

Today I am featuring aprons: nice as a gift for yourself if you love to cook or as a gift for someone who loves cooking. The aprons I am showing today are great for men as well and you can customize the texts:

And a cute one with a rooster:

You can also check out the collection with more gifts for him.

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Unique gifts and home styling with artistic painted stripes

I’ve created a new painted stripe design in a unique color scheme with turquoise and auburn and several other colors. Great to create personalized birthday gifts or gifts for the Holidays. With the new transfer tool in Zazzle you can place the design on any product they sell that you fancy. With lots of other options to personalize, you can really make the most of this. To get you started, I am featuring a few of the new items available. The first is leggings. Of course you can also scale or rotate the pattern:

And with the Holidays around the corner, this luggage tag will come in handy:

And a tote bag with your custom monogram (optional). The background is a custom shape, available on Zazzle. You can rotate it or choose a circle shape or if you do not need it, you can delete it:

You can also take a look at the entire collection. It has a series of products for your home as well!

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Personalized gifts: photo magnets

Are you looking for an affordable gift and then one that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the receiver? Today I am featuring unique photo magnets. You can replace the photo in the template with your own photo and customize the texts. You can change fonts, drag or rotate texts and much more! I’m showing the latest, just to give an idea of what is possible. The first template shows a cute dog photo:

Then a silver metallic design with an optional flower:

It is also possible to use the magnets as a wedding favor to say Thank You to the guests:

Or: as Save the Date photo magnet:

Or to celebrate a new baby or baby’s first birthday:

You can find more photo magnets in the collection, including those for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It can be quite a challenge to find a suitable gift for Father’s Day, so today I am featuring some ideas with personalized gifts. The first is a phone case with your own photo and texts on a dark brown faux leather design:

The second gift idea is a luggage tag. This is also a faux leather design, in brown and black:

And since it has become trendy for men to cook: why not choose for a binder for favorite recipes? You can already add some of your own recipe ideas to get him started:

If your dad loves to look the part, you may get him a colorful tie. This blue pattern design will look great with most suits or also in combination with jeans:

And I can’t resist adding this beautiful grunge metal design phone case:

That’s it for today, I hope you can find something that will bring a smile on your dad’s face! And of course you don’t have to wait for Father’s Day or his birthday to get him something nice …

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Gifts and Home Styling for Coffee Lovers

Gifts for coffee lovers

Gifts & Home Styling for Coffee Lovers

Nothing more soothing and uplifting than coffee! Today I am sharing gifts for coffee lovers as well as items to style your home. With a coffee theme of course! 🙂
The items shown are just examples, as all of them are available through Zazzle and can be transferred to any other product delivered by Zazzle. You can add or customize texts, as well as scale and/or rotate patterns and more. This way you can get the most personal product suiting your needs.
P.S. Some items may also tease the lover of chocolate! 🙂

Feel Good Home Style

Products based on an original painting with a mug of coffee on a rustic wood table:

Personalized Phone Cases with a coffee theme

Personalized phone cases with a coffee theme. You can transfer the design to the type of phone case you need on the product pages. Great to treat yourself or someone you love!

Coffee Pattern

A romantic vintage Paris themed pattern with coffee in a collage of watercolor paintings on a variety of products. Just to give you an idea of some of the products available …

Coffee Mugs

Of course coffee taste the best in your personal mug:

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Personalized Yoga Mats

Today I am featuring a new product: yoga mats. As always, you can add your own texts and/or monograms as well as custom shapes if you like. The designs available so far showcase patterns. This means that you can scale, drag and/or rotate them. Take a look at this colorful checkered pattern with a subtle watercolor effect and monogram:

And here’s the collection:

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NEW: bullet journals

Today I am featuring some of the new notebooks or bullet journals. If you are a fan of scrapbooking or crafting, this will be just for you! The first notebook has a beach theme and the option to add up to 4 of your own photos on the cover. Beautiful for beach lovers and those of us looking forward to summer:

And then a notebook with gorgeous teal green fantasy design with your own photo (optional):

Don’t like a rectangular size? This one is in a square format:

You can replace the center image with your own photo or image. And the style is again a fantasy design.
And the last one for today is a purple pink design with a cupcake:

Beautiful as a sweet sixteen gift or for writing down recipe ideas as well!
You can choose which style of paper you want to use and of course you can also delete all my images and start from scratch by adding your own! And you can also check out previous posts with notebooks. There is one with cat themed notebooks and another one with more notebooks

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A funny gift: personalized phone cases

Phone cases

Funny Phone Cases

Since a phone is one of our most used items, it is nice if it makes you feel happy. Today I am featuring some personalized phone case with a sense of humor 🙂
You can add your own funny (or other) texts on the product pages. All items are available on Zazzle and can be transferred or adjusted to suit the phone model you need.

Phone cases featuring a variety of themes

Funny Cat Phone Cases

Did you think I forgot about the funny cat phone cases? Of course cats are the most hilarious creatures on the planet, always ready to bring a smile, so here goes:

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