Unique gifts and home styling with artistic painted stripes

I’ve created a new painted stripe design in a unique color scheme with turquoise and auburn and several other colors. Great to create personalized birthday gifts or gifts for the Holidays. With the new transfer tool in Zazzle you can place the design on any product they sell that you fancy. With lots of other options to personalize, you can really make the most of this. To get you started, I am featuring a few of the new items available. The first is leggings. Of course you can also scale or rotate the pattern:

And with the Holidays around the corner, this luggage tag will come in handy:

And a tote bag with your custom monogram (optional). The background is a custom shape, available on Zazzle. You can rotate it or choose a circle shape or if you do not need it, you can delete it:

You can also take a look at the entire collection. It has a series of products for your home as well!

Color splash: new messenger bags

I’ve been having some fun with messenger bags today and added new designs in bright and (just maybe :-)) some psychedelic colors. Perfect for a summer day or the beach, although they would brighten up a dull winter day as well of course. Or maybe I am already dreaming of Christmas in July …
The designs are created in a tiled version, so you can scale or rotate them in the design tool on Zazzle. I’ve already set up shapes to add your custom monogram, but you can also rotate, scale or delete these or play with some other options.

You may also like to check out a previous post with messenger bags or take a look at the messenger bag product page.

Laptop Sleeves – original personalized gifts

Summer has arrived and you’ll want to go out to the park or other outdoor venues. But if you have to work or your work requires travel, you’ll bring your laptop with you. Today’s feature involves laptop sleeves. You can add your texts and/or monograms, rotate the designs and more:

This first design shows a filigree fractal pattern. This sleeve offers the option of added texts and custom shapes.

The second design is an image of dunes overlooking a beach and ocean … for beach lovers!

And a striped design with your own custom background color.

And the last one with a lovely wavy teal blue green striped pattern laptop sleeve with your custom monogram.

Elegant chiffon scarves for her

Looking to boost your outfit or are you searching for the perfect gift for her? A beautiful soft and elegant scarf may be just what you need. I’ve added a couple of new designs. If you like you can also add a monogram or other custom text. Patterns can also be scaled or rotated. This ocher and red striped pattern, for instance, can also be rotated in any degree you like:

And this lovely coral peach marble styled design is already rotated, which you can customize, or also scale:

And a colorful plaid design:

As well as a green checkered pattern:

These scarves are available in different sizes and shapes and also make a great gift for Mother’s Day! There are light and transparent, so that you can see the design from both sides. You may also like a previous post with scarves.

Personalized Patriot Mugs with your own photos

Do you love the country where you live or have you been on a holiday somewhere and taken home beautiful memories? I’ve created mugs with the national flags of four countries. So you can now create your own keepsake mug. Of course you can also add photos of your loved ones or favorite pets:

Great gift idea for women: a personal style clutch

I’ve added a new product: clutches! Both elegant and useful, these clutches are great to treat yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Fold-over clutch with a colorful plaid pattern and your own monogram or text (optional). This eye-catcher will attract some conversation 🙂 Of course you can also add your own image to personalize even more!
Don’t forget to take a look at the other clutches in the collection:

Mondrian inspired gifts

Mondrian was in reality Mondriaan, a famous Dutch artist. Today I am showing some gifts with a patterned design inspired by the art of Mondriaan. The first is a tie. A really nice eye-catcher 🙂

The second is a pillow. Especially beautiful in very white, black or plain blue environments, it will enliven your space:

Then a cute little gift: a keychain with a Mondrian inspired design:

And for those of us using a mousepad, this one will come in very handy:

Love shopping? Gorgeous shopping bags

Let’s face it: who does not love a shopping spree once in a while? Today I am featuring two patterned shopping bags. Great for in the city or to shop groceries. The first one has a happy colorful abstract artistic design:

Blue and orange are contrasting colors, so you definitely have an eye catching bag here. The next one is a real eye-catcher as well with it’s warm colored plaid design:

You can customize the texts!