#Caturday! Funny cat art with a red umbrella

It’s #Caturday and I am celebrating my furry purry friends. Today is a showcase of paintings of cats in the city in the rain.
The first painting features a mysterious lady with a red umbrella, followed by cats. She is a cat whisperer and magically attracts cats from all corners and alleys …
The Cat Whisperer
And the second painting features two kitties under a red umbrella in a busy street in town:
painting with cats under a red umbrella

Stay tuned for more adventures of the cats! 🙂

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New Lighthouse Paintings

Good news if you love lighthouses: I’ve added a few new paintings with a coastal theme with lighthouses. The first one shows a fresh ocean scene with a stormy sea and a lighthouse with purple flowers and seagulls:
Seascape with Lighthouse Art
The second one features a romantic tropical coastal scene with a lighthouse at sunset and a very peaceful and quiet sea:
Sunset at the Lighthouse painting
And the third one shows a rugged coastal scene with lighthouse and sailboat:
The Lighthouse 3 painting

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Lighthouse wall art

Today I am featuring paintings with lighthouses. The first painting shows a white lighthouse with a tiny house on the beach. The color setting is a pastel blue with warm vibrant oranges and red. And a lovely romantic sunset:
Lighthouse Painting

The second painting is based on a 3D render and also has a white lighthouse. This painting has a range of colors with a combination of cool blues and warm yellow reds:
Lighthouse Painting 2
The third painting is a romantic fantasy scene with a lighthouse at sunset and a couple being out in their boat:
Romantic Summer Night Lighthouse Painting
All paintings are available through Imagekind

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Decorating a child’s room: wall art

Decorating a child's room: wall art

Today I am featuring some paintings that would be great for a child’s bedroom (depending on the age of the child of course). The first painting shows a whimsical primitive art summer scene with a sailboat. The color setting is bright and cheerful:

The second painting is fun for a book loving child that likes to roam nature and explore.
You can see a fantasy forest scene with a magical wisdom tree with book shelves:

And staying with the theme of unicorns (I’ve created quiete a few paintings with unicorns, but this is the latest). A happy unicorn in a pretty landscape scene:

Most children do love animals, so any painting with animals might please them. Again, depending on their age, this might be delightful for a child’s bedroom. A happy girl in a summer scene with cute kitty:

You may also like to check out the animal art gallery on my main site.
Although you can find cats in most of the galleries … they somehow have a way to sneak in everywhere 🙂

All art is available on Imagekind.

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