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Precious keepsakes: guest books

Turning a milestone into a precious keepsake for later: this page features guest books for different occasions. Recording funny or heartwarming and supportive comments from guests at a wedding, funeral or celebration of life, graduation, bridal shower, retirement, baby shower, baptism, birthday or other special occasion. As you can personalize all guest books, you can change the example situations I put in the templates 🙂

A celebration of life or funeral guestbook with comments from friends and relatives can be a great support in times of loss. You can add a photo of the deceased loved one or another photo of your choice.

At a bridal shower it is fun to give advice to the bride-to-be and what better way to cherish the wise and/or funny words of friends and family than to create a keepsake in the form of a guest book … Always a good idea to keep to secrets of a good marriage at hand!

Of course every wedding needs a guest book!
For the couple the day will pass in an exciting blur, and it’s always nice to be able to read funny or wise comments from guests later …

Looking back at a life of hard work, a guest book with thanks and well wishes for a happy retirement from friends, family and colleagues is a precious keepsake. As it is also a time to look forward, I’ve added some popular themes for retirees

A precious keepsake for a new mom and dad: the lovely advice and well wishes of friends and family for the newborn and the happy parents

I’ve called the guest books in this section baptism guest books, but with images of angels they can also be very lovely for other situations.

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Precious keepsakes: guest books