Christmas: a great time for wine … personalized wine labels

Any time is great for wine if you are a wine lover. But I personally think Christmas is special in that respect. Don’t you love that story about Jesus turning water into wine? Today I am featuring some new designs of personalized wine labels for Christmas. Great to use for your home brand wine or to serve with a Christmas dinner. You can of course also surprise the host of your party with a personalized gift. The first design shows a festive series of golden candles with pine twigs and a stylized Joy text image (which you can scale, drag or delete if you like):

Then a sparkling snow design with red berries:

A design with colorful string lights on dark wood:

Snow on red berries:

And a magical rose gold design with an angel … you know miracles can happen!

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Gifts for Wine Lovers

Are you looking for a gift for a wine lover that is personal or that isn’t necessarily wine? Today I am featuring an original fine art design with a wine theme. It is a Tuscan inspired painting of a landscape with red wine, grapes and string lights as seen through a stone arched window. I am starting with a coaster:

I used a made-up “Italian funny proverb” text, but of course you can replace it with your own texts.
And then a ceramic kitchen tile:

Perfect for anyone who loves the Italian kitchen (and who doesn’t?!)
The next is a wine label:

You can use the design for any product on Zazzle through the transfer tool on the product pages. If you like to see it as a painting for on the wall, you can get it through the art gallery.

New Year’s Eve Party Invitations

Before you know it, it’s already the New Year! Today I am featuring party invitations for New Year’s Eve or for a company reception in the New Year. The first design shows a sparkling light scene on blue:

And the second one has a rose gold on black design with light sparkles:

This invitation is also available with a tree in a Christmas version.
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Customer Appreciation Business Cards for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to say a big Thank You to your customers and give them an incentive to keep coming back. Today I am featuring new business cards with a Holiday Thank You theme. The first business card features a rustic design with a festive candle lit lantern on a dark wood background:

Then an elegant design in black and gold with a candle:

And the latest new business card features beautiful green Christmas baubles and of course your custom texts:

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Christmas Party Invitations

Planning a Christmas dance party or a dinner celebration? I’ve added brand new designs! The first one features a photo of your own choice framed by a minimalist design in red and black:

I’ve designed it for a tango dance event, but of course you can customize it for any other situation. The next one shows a colorful plaid design with a red Christmas bauble in the snow. You can use this template as invitation, or send it as a regular Christmas card by replacing the texts with your custom wishes and the photos with your own pictures (optional):

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Funny Cat Art

It’s #Caturday again, a great day to share the latest adventures of Knor, the cat. I must say, she had me in stitches for days. This time she made a makeshift diving suit all by herself: complete with the cover of an alarm clock and the shedded tail of a mermaid. Did you know that mermaids shed their skins, just like snakes do? I did not, but apparently Knor figured this out 🙂
So after she made her diving suit, she managed to catapult herself into the pond. And before you know it, she was off playing with the koi fish. Cats are known to eat koi (they have highly sophisticated taste as you know), but today Knor was happy just to play:

Gone fishing ...
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Christmas gifts: artistic ties

Ties are back! You can use them in a casual way or to dress up. Whichever way you choose, they can add style or color to an outfit. And they make great gifts for the Holidays! I’ve gathered a few for you here today, to begin with a leaded glass design created from a church window (how cool is that!):

A blue and gold star design:

A burgundy gold stripe:

A colorful green and red checkered design:

And last, but not least, a modern abstract geometric design tie:

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Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Today I am featuring some really nice gifts for teachers for the Christmas Holidays. Starting with a delicious personalized chocolate gift box:

A guaranteed success! 😉
Then a red and black (chalkboard) Christmas ceramic ornament with a cute robin with berries and your custom texts:

And this tote bag is great to use all year round, yet the red and white polka dots make it a beautiful Christmas gift as well. You can drag or delete the chalkboard or blackboard background as well as the heart:

And last but not least a lovely candle with a winter wonderland scene with deer. Great if you are opting for a gift that will actually be used:

You can transfer all designs to any product on Zazzle that you like, but I already made two more products with this winter landscape: a clock and an acrylic serving tray.
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Create a warm farmhouse style with roosters

Today I am sharing a new design with roosters and you’ll see some examples on how to use it to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Although traditionally a turkey is the favorite Thanksgiving bird, the style of this rooster design fits remarkably well in a festive Thanksgiving environment. The first example is a coffee mug. I added as texts the famous “Rise ‘n Shine”, but you can (as always on Zazzle) change that to any other text you prefer. And did you know that coffee tastes really great if you add some cayenne pepper with cardamom?

Which brings me to a binder for your favorite recipes (or other purposes):

You may also like this monogrammed phone case (fits on many different types of phone):

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