#Caturday! Cute cat phone case

#Caturday … the best day of the week for any cat lover! Today I am showing another personalized gift and no, you do not need to be a crazy cat lady to enjoy. The feature is a phone case with your own custom favorite photo (which, let’s face it, in most cases would be that of a cute cat …) The design is a rose gold stripe:

with your own texts.
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Gift Idea: Coffee Quote Mug

Today’s feature is a minimalist coffee mug in black and white with your own personal quote. Of course you can also leave as is what I came up with, but I am sure you can think of something more funny or more appropriate for the one you are surprising with this mug.

This mug is nice for coffee as well as tea lovers and also works well for both women or men. You may also like to take a look at other mugs in the collection:

Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

Are you a party animal? Then you probably can’t wait till the next celebration! So today’s feature is a Valentine’s party invitation:

Valentine’s Day used to be the celebration of secret or impossible love, like being in love with a married person. Or loving someone that is in other ways inappropriate, or unrequited love. While it is nowadays a more commercial celebration for everyone, I think it is still nice to send love to those who are not so lucky in love. And of course, any reason will do throw a good party!
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Love Mermaids?

It’s usually considered to be for children, but I can assure you that some of us adults also love the magical and fantasy creatures of the ocean a lot! 🙂 So today’s feature is a binder with a mermaid theme:

As always, you can personalize the texts, so instead of it being a gorgeous binder to inspire your couponing, it could also be nice for children to use at school or for private projects.
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The sweetest gift for a new Mom or Grandma

Today’s feature is a cute baby magnet. A tiny little gift that goes a long way. You only need to add your own (baby) photo and you’re done! The framing is a rustic wood design:

Affordable, personal and guaranteed to make a new Mom or grandmother very happy.
Of course you can also add any other photo to personalize.
And there is also a “girly” version :-):