Christmas mugs - original mugs by Anne Vis

Personalized Christmas Mugs

Mugs are always a great choice as a Christmas gift. They are affordable and in this post I will also show great options to personalize them. A gift that is created and selected with your personal love and care will be so much more appreciated!

Custom Photo Mugs

I’ve created some attractive photo template mugs. Some of them have the option to add 2 photos and others have 3 slots for your custom pictures.
Nice as a keepsake, to celebrate a first Christmas together or to add photos of your favorite pet(s).

Christmas Cat Mugs

Of course I couldn’t resist creating a special section with mugs for cat lovers. After all every cat likes to be center attention.

You can find more cat mugs in the collection

Illustrated Christmas Mugs

In this section I’m showing some more illustrated mugs, which are not only nice for adults, but also great for children.

You can also check out the artistic mug collection

There are a lot of mug templates to choose from. And not only that, you can add and customize texts, photos, shapes and even a QR code or a logo. It is possible to change fonts, rotate or scale images and much more on the individual product pages.
And if you like a design, but not so much on a mug, you can transfer the design to any other product that Zazzle carries, as long as the images are large enough to support the transfer.

Merry Christmas!

Other Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Mugs with a personal touch