Celebrate Christmas in Style – inspiration for wine lovers

Today’s feature is a black design with a gold stylized modern Christmas tree outline. Elegant and beautiful for the Holidays! And also a nice treat for wine lovers, as I made a personalized wine label with this design:

And a wine charm:

And if you’re not so much into wine, you can also use the gift tag:

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Christmas: a great time for wine … personalized wine labels

Any time is great for wine if you are a wine lover. But I personally think Christmas is special in that respect. Don’t you love that story about Jesus turning water into wine? Today I am featuring some new designs of personalized wine labels for Christmas. Great to use for your home brand wine or to serve with a Christmas dinner. You can of course also surprise the host of your party with a personalized gift. The first design shows a festive series of golden candles with pine twigs and a stylized Joy text image (which you can scale, drag or delete if you like):

Then a sparkling snow design with red berries:

A design with colorful string lights on dark wood:

Snow on red berries:

And a magical rose gold design with an angel … you know miracles can happen!

You may also like to check out more wine labels on the website.

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Gifts for Wine Lovers

Are you looking for a gift for a wine lover that is personal or that isn’t necessarily wine? Today I am featuring an original fine art design with a wine theme. It is a Tuscan inspired painting of a landscape with red wine, grapes and string lights as seen through a stone arched window. I am starting with a coaster:

I used a made-up “Italian funny proverb” text, but of course you can replace it with your own texts.
And then a ceramic kitchen tile:

Perfect for anyone who loves the Italian kitchen (and who doesn’t?!)
The next is a wine label:

You can use the design for any product on Zazzle through the transfer tool on the product pages. If you like to see it as a painting for on the wall, you can get it through the art gallery.

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Custom Halloween Wine Labels

If you love wine, you don’t want to miss out on Halloween. Today I am featuring the new wine labels with a Halloween theme. The first one is a vintage design with cat. You know that for cats Halloween is one of their favorite days of the year, although it must be said that the “treat” part is what they like best … 🙂
You can use this wine label as a reward for the best costume, or customize it any other way:

And witches like to hang out in forests, so here is a special forest wine label with candles and as special accent a big spider:

And who doesn’t love bat potion?

To see more wine labels, visit the wine label web page.

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Autumn: perfect for a wine tasting party

Whether it’s a birthday, a retirement or bridal shower: a celebration isn’t the same without wine! Today I am featuring some gorgeous new wine tasting party invitations. The first one has festive string lights and colorful grapes:

And the next wine tasting invitation shows a wine bottle with glass on a vineyard background and is also great for a winery or vineyard to present new wines:

Love something a bit different? This one has a rustic and blue combination design:

You may also like to take a look at a previous post with wine tasting party invitations.

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Fine Art Wine Themed Paintings

I find wine a very inspiring subject to paint. There are so many ways to create a wine themed painting. Today I am showing a collection of different styles of paintings, all with wine or grapes as center theme. I start with my latest painting, inspired by cubism:

It's Wine O'Clock - fine art painting
And this next painting I originally started to create a wedding invitation, but then decided it would be more beautiful as a painting for on the wall. You can see a lovely landscape with poppies and an artistic wine bottle. A lantern in the tree adds that romantic touch …

Landscape with Wine Fine Art Painting

And classic Italian architecture is also a theme that you will find more often in my paintings. Of course nothing better than to combine it with a good glass of wine!
Toast to Wine Lovers Fine Art Painting
And this pale teal and blush pink painting of wine at the beach also started out as a wedding collection. Perfect for beach lovers!
Wine at the Beach Fine Art Painting
That’s just a few of them. You can find more in the gallery

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Celebrating? Custom wine labels

Do you want to say Thank You to someone or do you have a celebration coming up? You may like the new personalized wine labels. I’ve created a bunch of them, for birthdays, to say Thank You to a teacher and more. I am featuring some here:

A happy and festive birthday wine label with your own funny texts.

A classic design chalkboard wine label to say Thank You to a teacher.
And a Gatsby or art deco inspired design with a rose gold text image “Aged to Perfection” for a birthday:

And if you like adventure and sunsets, this wedding hot air balloon wine label might be just for you:

Of course you can also use this wine label for a romantic birthday celebration or another festive occasion!
You can find a more wine label designs in the wine lovers section of this blog.

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Custom wine labels for a festive occasion

Do you have something to celebrate? A birthday or other happy occasion? It’s nice to have wine with your own personalized label to serve at the event or to offer a custom gift: wine with a personal label.
I’ve created two new wine labels, both of them customizable for any situation. The first one shows an elegant classic burgundy purple design with painted grapes:

And the second one shows a colored marble design with vintage shapes:

Beautiful for Mother’s Day, but of course also for a birthday, retirement, graduation, engagement …

You may also like to check out a previous post with cat themed wine labels or this one 🙂

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Celebrating with wine? Add your custom wine charms!

I’m in the process of creating lots of new wine charms and today I am featuring three of those. The first one has a beach theme and shows an image of the beach with starfish. Beautiful for anyone who loves the beach and wine and also great for a beach or destination wedding:

They come as a set of four or as an individual charm and you can customize them to your needs.
The next one shows monograms on cork:

The monogram style is very useful for wine tasting parties or larger celebrations. You can add more charms to cover more of the alphabet. And another wine charm with monogram texts on a sparkly rose gold background:

Please note that these charms are relatively tiny, so you it is not recommended to add a lot of text in order for it to be readable. I will soon add more and meantime you can find other wine charms on the product pages. Cheers!

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Gifts for wine lovers: personalized tote bags

Are you looking for a gift for a wine lover, but you don’t know which wine you should give them? You may think of other wine themed gifts. Today I am showing some elegant tote bags with a wine theme:
The first one has a city style design with a wild swirling glass of wine on a colorful bokeh background

And what do you think of this one? A classy newspaper style design bag with a bottle of wine in a retro holder:

Of course, as with all products, you can change or delete the texts as well as choose your custom fonts and more!
For white wine lovers:

And this beautiful dark green tote bag with an original painting of a wine bottle with glasses:

From the sidebar menu you can get an overview of more gifts for wine lovers.

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