Sympathy and Memorial Cards and Invitations

sympathy, sympathy thank you cards and invitations by Anne Vis

Sympathy & Memorial

Losing someone you love is just so difficult, as all of us who have been through it will know. Today I am sharing some of my latest designs around the entire process of saying goodbye.
Check out the latest
Thank You cards, announcement cards and sympathy greeting and postcards

Or browse the Memorial or Celebration of Life invitations.

Sympathy Thank You cards as a simple and beautiful way to thank all those who attended the memorial or celebration of life event or who offered support in any other way

A selection of greeting or note cards and postcards to wish those who are dealing with a tragic loss your heartfelt support

Sometimes there is no opportunity for a farewell ceremony or the ones that are left behind are simply not up to it. In those cases it may suffice to just send out an announcement to inform family or others about the passing over. This may also be the case for the parents who lost an unborn baby.

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