Artistic Bandanas – a boost for your outfit

Today I am featuring some of the many new bandanas I created in the past few weeks. Bandanas are not only great gifts, but can also boost your outfit. And with summer coming, they can give just that bit of extra warmth in the evening, so that you won’t need a coat. You can also transfer the designs to an elegant chiffon scarf on the product pages. The first design is an elegant stripe with a beach atmosphere:

I’ve added some teal and purple touches and for those of you looking for blue, the good news is that this design is also available in blue.
The next one is an artistic and playful design with floral elements in warm colors:

And the last one I am featuring today is an abstract design in pastel colors with lively red:

You can check out the entire collection to see all bandanas.

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Mother’s Day Invitations

With Mother’s Day coming up next month in mind, I created new festive invitations for a beautiful celebration. I’m starting with a bubbles and brunch invitation. The lovely pastel colors make this invitation perfect to create a happy spring atmosphere:

The next invitation has a classic chic design with a tea party theme:

The last one I am featuring today shows a colorful tulip design in fuchsia and pink:

Of course you can also customize these invitations for another spring time celebration, like a birthday or bridal festivities.
You can also check out a previous post with Mother’s Day invitations or see the entire collection.

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Personalized Photo Collage Pillows

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve made some photo collage pillows in different colors. You can add all your favorite photos, for instance family or baby photos or your travel or pet photos. All designs have a painted background and an elegant framing around each photo. The first pillow is a blue one:

Then a green one:

And then a coral peach with rose gold design:

I’ve used baby photos in the previously shown pillows and the last one is an example with cat photos, in elegant grey:

Of course a cat photo collage will make a great gift for Cat Mom’s Day (which is basically every day, I know :-))
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Recipe Binders – get creative in the kitchen!

Today I am featuring new binders for recipes. Binders do not only encourage you to collect new recipes and get creative in the kitchen, they also help to organize and focus. You can choose binders for different types of food for instance. The first binder for today shows herbs drying on a rustic burlap background with kitchen utensils. A beautiful binder for recipes with experiments with herbs:

And the second one features freshly baked cookies with coffee (yes, pretty yummy looking, aren’t they?!), on a chocolate brown background. Great for cookie, cake or dessert recipes:

For more recipe binders, check out the collection.

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Mother’s Day Brunch Invitations

Today I am featuring new Mother’s Day brunch invitations.
The first invitation shows a romantic vintage green with red botanical flowers:

Beautiful for a grandmother’s celebration as well.
The second one has a completely different style and shows a fresh green, red and white design with tulips and bunting:

And the last one features a vibrant watercolor painting of roses on a rustic white wood background:

Of course you can also customize them for a birthday or other celebration!

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Photo magnets – cute keepsakes for Mom

Sometimes small and affordable gifts can go a long way. Today I am featuring photo magnets for Mother’s Day. Or her birthday or just because of course 🙂 You can add your own favorite photos and customize the texts.

The first magnet has a lovely pastel colored background with a pink rose floral border.

And this one features a faux leather design with golden lining in purple.

And if you love the beach, this will be a great magnet for you (after all, you don’t have to give it to Mom, you can also keep it yourself :-))
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day being just around the corner, I am featuring a couple of gift ideas for moms today. The first is a cute pillow with photos of the children or other favorite pictures and your custom text:

And pink (it’s the sweet color of love after all!): a personalized photo mug with your own photos:

And since summer is around the corner: watercolor painted flip flops:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at the collection with gifts for Mom!

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Custom wine labels for a festive occasion

Do you have something to celebrate? A birthday or other happy occasion? It’s nice to have wine with your own personalized label to serve at the event or to offer a custom gift: wine with a personal label.
I’ve created two new wine labels, both of them customizable for any situation. The first one shows an elegant classic burgundy purple design with painted grapes:

And the second one shows a colored marble design with vintage shapes:

Beautiful for Mother’s Day, but of course also for a birthday, retirement, graduation, engagement …

You may also like to check out a previous post with cat themed wine labels or this one 🙂

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Elegant chiffon scarves for her

Looking to boost your outfit or are you searching for the perfect gift for her? A beautiful soft and elegant scarf may be just what you need. I’ve added a couple of new designs. If you like you can also add a monogram or other custom text. Patterns can also be scaled or rotated. This ocher and red striped pattern, for instance, can also be rotated in any degree you like:

And this lovely coral peach marble styled design is already rotated, which you can customize, or also scale:

And a colorful plaid design:

As well as a green checkered pattern:

These scarves are available in different sizes and shapes and also make a great gift for Mother’s Day! There are light and transparent, so that you can see the design from both sides. You may also like a previous post with scarves.

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