Autumn: perfect for a wine tasting party

Whether it’s a birthday, a retirement or bridal shower: a celebration isn’t the same without wine! Today I am featuring some gorgeous new wine tasting party invitations. The first one has festive string lights and colorful grapes:

And the next wine tasting invitation shows a wine bottle with glass on a vineyard background and is also great for a winery or vineyard to present new wines:

Love something a bit different? This one has a rustic and blue combination design:

You may also like to take a look at a previous post with wine tasting party invitations.

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Birthday party invitations for children

Is your child’s birthday coming up? It’s always fun to see the joy on their faces, of course especially when they are still quite young. I am featuring party invitations for children around the age of 4-7 years today.
The first one is a unicorn themed invitation. Unicorn is on an adventure with his friends in a hot air balloon:

And of course it also a lot of fun for children to have a sleep-over, so here is a pajama party invitation:

These are only the latest invitations I added. To see more invitations for child birthdays, visit the website.

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Halloween Party Invitations

Today’s Friday the 13th. As a cat lover that is almost as good as #Caturday of course. And what better day to talk Halloween? I’m working on several new Halloween Party invitations and would like to show you some of the latest here.
The first one is a fantasy style Halloween invitation with a dragon and black cat in a magical forest with a bat and spider. This invitation works well for both adults and children:

The second one is for a Halloween dinner party and features a haunted house:

And last but not least: a Halloween party invitation for children with a trick or treat theme with a witch, cupcake with cute mouse and of course cats :-). Also great for a costume party at Halloween for children:

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Summer Birthday Party Invitations

Birthdays in the summer offer special opportunities, like celebrating in the garden or having a BBQ. Today I am featuring some birthday party invitations with a summer theme:

The first one is a brand new BBQ and beer themed party invitation with string lights.

And this one is a gorgeous BBQ invitation for a woman’s birthday in vintage style.
And if you love wine, this one may be to your taste:

This picnic or garden party invitation can be customized for a birthday.

I’ve also created several pool party invitations, both for adults and kids, all customizable for birthdays!
You can also take a look for more invitations at the birthday page on my website.

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4th of July party Invitations

Today I am featuring some 4th of July themed party invitations. I’m starting with a brand new design in eye catching blue and red with string lights:

And this is my personal favorite: a fantasy city seen from the water with fireworks in the background. Beautiful if you plan a party on a boat!

As tradition goes together with vintage, here is a vintage 4th of July party invitation with a cocktail and balloons:

Or are you planning a BBQ? This is a design with elements of the American flag in combination with rustic white wood and gingham:

And if you plan on having games or sportive activities, this last design may be for you:

Happy 4th of July!

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Mother’s Day Brunch Invitations

Today I am featuring new Mother’s Day brunch invitations.
The first invitation shows a romantic vintage green with red botanical flowers:

Beautiful for a grandmother’s celebration as well.
The second one has a completely different style and shows a fresh green, red and white design with tulips and bunting:

And the last one features a vibrant watercolor painting of roses on a rustic white wood background:

Of course you can also customize them for a birthday or other celebration!

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#Caturday: Graduation for cat lovers

For those of us who love cats, a graduation party just has to be purrfect … So invite your furry purry friends over to create a special celebration! It all starts with cute invitations and here are some examples:

A cute fluffy cat with a highly surprised look on her face … great if you were not sure if you would get through!
And a chic gold gradient invite with watercolor textures and of course your own favorite photos:

And a girly rose gold sparkly invite for book lovers, also with your own photo:

You may also like to check out a previous post with graduation party invitations.

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Graduation Party Invitations

Big congratulations on your graduation! So now it’s time to celebrate! I’ve created a series of invitations for graduations, high school graduations, college graduations and graduation of law school or a medical degree. The first one I am featuring today is a chic chocolate and cream with gold photo invitation:

And I couldn’t resist this next one: a colorful stripe with gold on black and festive laurel wreath:

To see all graduation invitations, also for other occasions, take a look at the collection:

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Sailing party invitations

Do you love to go sailing and have a celebration coming up? Why not invite your party over to the sailboat? You could dock somewhere for a picnic or you could have a bustling party on the beach or at the boat house … Today I am sharing some invitations with a sailboat theme with you. The first one features a golden sunset painting of sailboat:

And this one is beautiful for a tropical area:

And a whimsical party invitation featuring a dancing couple on a sailboat:

Is the reason for the celebration very young still? Take a look at this cute child birthday party invite in a gorgeous scrapbook style:

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Birthday Party Invitations for adults

Of course you don’t really need an occasion to throw a party, but since your birthday is coming up … 🙂 So today I am featuring some birthday party invitations for adults. The first one has a glam retro gold and black checkered design:

And the second one will appeal to the beer lovers among us:

You can replace the painting of the guy with your own photo!
And then a birthday party invitation featuring an elegant striped design in teal and black with gorgeous colorful fresh flowers:

You can find more invitations on each of the product pages.

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