Sympathy and Memorial Cards and Invitations

sympathy, sympathy thank you cards and invitations by Anne Vis

Sympathy & Memorial

Losing someone you love is just so difficult, as all of us who have been through it will know. Today I am sharing some of my latest designs around the entire process of saying goodbye.
Check out the latest sympathy and sympathy Thank You cards and postcards

Or browse the Memorial or Celebration of Life invitations.

Sympathy cards and sympathy Thank You cards. You can use them for both situations, as you can customize the texts. As you can see, I’ve also added some cards for pets, as they are family members as well …

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USA Freedom Celebrations

USA freedom

USA Freedom Celebrations

Freedom is one of the most important qualities in life, in line with health, safety and love. Originally it was a key quality that the USA was known to stand for. Although it hasn’t always worked out that way, it is still something to strive for. There are many occasions to do that and one of those is the celebration of the 4th of July.
I’m sharing some items to add in the joy today. They are all available on Zazzle and can be customized to your needs.

4th of July party invitations & cards

You can also check out other summer party invitations

Gifts & fun stuff

What’s a party if you don’t have the outfit or accessories?
I’m featuring some items here today:

You can find more in the USA freedom collection

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Super Festive Original Birthday and Retirement Invitations

Today I am showing some of the new birthday party invitations for adults. The first one is a fall birthday invitation in festive bright colors. The invitation is created from several different leaves and other backgrounds to form a collage in cheerful and eye-catching colors:

You can also customize this invitation for a retirement party or other celebration.
For the next one I have made two versions. One with a yellow daisy flower and berries on a wood door background with old knocker.

Since a doorway is such a beautiful symbol for entering through a passage way and starting a new phase, I decided to also make a retirement version, which can also be customized for a birthday:

The white gerbera flowers give this version a slightly more stylish aspect. Both versions are beautiful for a fall themed celebration.
The last one for today is a hippie boho style invitation with a cocktail drink and bunting on a colorful painted and striped background:

You can also check out the web page with birthday party invitations (also for children), the web page with retirement party invitations or the birthday collection on Zazzle if you like.

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Baby shower invitations you won’t find anywhere else

Spring is traditionally the time for new life and new beginnings and the birth of babies in especially this time of year is no exception. So today I’m showing off my recently made baby shower invitations. I’m starting with an angel wing design referring to a “heaven sent” theme:

Angel wings on a slightly textured printed background in pastel dusty blue. This invitation is also available in lilac (see collection link at the bottom of this post).
As I love striped patterns and designs, I could not resist this gorgeous spring colored theme:

And a variation on this theme with warm orange and pink pastels with a cute baby elephant:

And the last one for today: a completely different style with a beach theme referring to little footsteps in the sand:

You can also check out the entire collection!

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Mother’s Day Invitations

With Mother’s Day coming up next month in mind, I created new festive invitations for a beautiful celebration. I’m starting with a bubbles and brunch invitation. The lovely pastel colors make this invitation perfect to create a happy spring atmosphere:

The next invitation has a classic chic design with a tea party theme:

The last one I am featuring today shows a colorful tulip design in fuchsia and pink:

Of course you can also customize these invitations for another spring time celebration, like a birthday or bridal festivities.
You can also check out a previous post with Mother’s Day invitations or see the entire collection.

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Housewarming Party Invitations

No better way to make a new home a real home than throwing a housewarming party! Today I am featuring new housewarming party invitations. The first one is a blue paint swatch on a rustic white weathered wood background. The key is optional:

The second one is a more minimalist style invitation with a photo of your new house (or your family/pets, or the living room or other special feature of your new home that you would like to add):

You can also use it for an open house of your business.
Then an elegant cartoon style invitation in fresh colors, that is perfect for the proud new owner of a detached home:

You can find more housewarming party invitations in the collection.
You may also be interested in relocation or new address announcement postcards. I’ve added a new design with cute bird houses on a dark rustic wood background:

This design is also available in the housewarming party invitations collection. And you can find several more address announcement postcards in the collection.

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More Graduation Party Invitations

It’s the time of the year again! Although it may be hard to image now, school or university will soon be over and it will be time to celebrate. So today I am sharing some brand new graduation party invitations. The first one is a Mexican inspired floral design invitation in bright and festive colors:

And the next one has a more rustic atmosphere with sturdy wood and metallic elements, and of course: your own custom photo:

And you’ll love this trendy purple royal and navy blue design, with neon glow elements in combination with geometric shapes:

You need to add your own photo to this invitation. You can find more invitations in the collection, where you can also find medical themed invitations.

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Birthday party invitations and ideas for children

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Browsing the kids birthday party invitations will generate a lot of ideas on what to do for celebrations.There are increasingly more themes and ideas, also to get older children away from their cell phone for a bit  … 🙂 I’ve created a whole bunch of new invitations, all with a different theme and also for different ages. The ages, although the milestone to be celebrated, are not set in stone when it comes to invitations. For instance, this first invitation is a photo invitation featuring a one year old. But maybe a 4 or 5 year old would also like it? After all, who doesn’t love fairy dust:

Gender is a different matter. The above invitation would probably be more attractive to girls. But what about this colorful Glow-in-the-Dark neon style invitation?

And this horse or pony themed birthday party invitation could be great for all genders, though probably the slightly older children:

I hope this got your creative juices flowing!
To see more birthday party invitations, visit the entire collection.

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Retirement planning begins with a party!

Today I am featuring some of the new retirement party invitations. It does not matter whether you worked for an employer for a long or short time, or you just want to stop with your own business: it’s nice to mark a new phase in your life with a big party.
I’m starting with an elegant floral invitation for her. A gorgeous design with purple flowers on a lilac watercolor background:

And many people plan to travel more after they retire and what is more appropriate than to combine this with a vintage design of transportation vehicles? I am sharing one with an antique car here (of course in black :-)):

And if you plan to spend more time on golf courses, this one might be just for you:

And just in time for the last part of winter and early spring:
a gorgeous invitation featuring a frozen lantern with flowers:

You can also take a look at the entire collection.

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Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Whether you are in a relationship or single, it’s always great to celebrate love. Today I am featuring new Valentine’s Day Party invitations. The first invitations is a sweet one, in lovely blush pink with hearts and a group of dancing people:

And then a romantic invitation with a pastel art design with hearts and wine glasses (wouldn’t it be nice to throw a wine tasting party for Valentine’s Day?):

You can also check out the collection of Valentine’s Day cards and invitations for more ideas!

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