Add a colorful touch to your living space: Mexican inspired art

If you have ever been to Mexico or Guatemala, you know how happy and cheerful the colors are. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to create that lively atmosphere in your own home! Today I am featuring a tile with an original fractal flower design in these happy colors. The tile is great as a stand-alone and can also be used for kitchen or bathroom and is available in two sizes:

And a wrapped canvas painting for on the wall is also available with this design:

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Decorating a child’s room: wall art

Today I am featuring some paintings that would be great for a child’s bedroom (depending on the age of the child of course). The first painting shows a whimsical primitive art summer scene with a sailboat. The color setting is bright and cheerful:
Colorful primitive summer landscape art with sailboat

The second painting is fun for a book loving child that likes to roam nature and explore.
You can see a fantasy forest scene with a magical wisdom tree with book shelves:
Enchanted forest painting with a magical tree with books
And the third painting for today shows a girl on a unicorn in a beautiful landscape with a fairy tale castle:
Fantasy landscape with fairy tale castle and unicorn

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Love horses? Home styling with pillows for horse lovers

I love horses and if you have found this post, you probably do as well! I’ve created a few horse themed pillows as they are such inspiring animals.
The first pillow shows two horses in a watercolor painting. I styled this pillow for a newly wed couple, but of course you can customize the texts to suit your own needs:

The second pillow features two horses in contrasting colors:

You can either delete or customize the texts.
And last, but not least a pillow with horses in a mosaic variation:

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Kitchen or bathroom tiles inspired by classic Roman art

Are you restyling bathroom or kitchen? If you love the ancient Roman mosaics, you will also love the tile collection I am featuring today. I’ve created a series of patterned tiles, all based on the skin patterns of Italian lizards!
Take a look at this gorgeous tile which seems floral:

or check out the entire collection:

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#Caturday! Surreal funny cat art on your wall

Today is a great day, as it is #Caturday and time to celebrate our furry purry friends. Always makes me feel delighted and as usual the cats make me smile. I am featuring paintings for on your wall from the surreal art gallery today.
The first painting is a new one, showing a cute cross-eyed cat fish (or should I say mercat?) reaching for a mouse on the moon. The background is a dreamy desert landscape, all in an indigo blue and warm ocher orange color setting.
Funny surreal cat art with a cat fish and a mouse on the moon

You may also like another surreal art painting in a similar color setting:
Surreal art painting featuring a doll on a swing in a fantasy landscape

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Personalized gift idea for a dog lover

Are you looking for a gift for a dog lover? Today’s feature might be just it! It’s a personalized dog bed with a gorgeous abstract blue, beige and grey glass dots pattern. Available in small and large:

Of course there is no reason why you couldn’t also use it for a cat lover! 🙂
You may also like to take a look at the entire collection with this pattern:

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Romantic Vintage Italian Wall Art

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, today’s feature is a vintage painting of the Italian coast with a kissing couple. The coast of Amalfi is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy and the lovely summer feeling in this painting will be beautiful all year round!

To find more inspiration for Valentine’s Day, you can check out the collection:

Several of the designs in this collection are also available on other products.

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Create a warm atmosphere with lighting

Lighting is crucial to the atmosphere in your space. Today’s feature is a lamp with a checkered stained glass inspired pattern in warm ocher with green and burgundy as well as some other colors. The result will be a warm rich light spectrum:

You may also like to take a look at the rest of the collection with this patterned design:

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