Personalized gift idea for a dog lover

Are you looking for a gift for a dog lover? Today’s feature might be just it! It’s a personalized dog bed with a gorgeous abstract blue, beige and grey glass dots pattern. Available in small and large:

Of course there is no reason why you couldn’t also use it for a cat lover! 🙂
You may also like to take a look at the entire collection with this pattern:

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Romantic Vintage Italian Wall Art

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, today’s feature is a vintage painting of the Italian coast with a kissing couple. The coast of Amalfi is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy and the lovely summer feeling in this painting will be beautiful all year round!

To find more inspiration for Valentine’s Day, you can check out the collection:

Several of the designs in this collection are also available on other products.

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Create a warm atmosphere with lighting

Lighting is crucial to the atmosphere in your space. Today’s feature is a lamp with a checkered stained glass inspired pattern in warm ocher with green and burgundy as well as some other colors. The result will be a warm rich light spectrum:

You may also like to take a look at the rest of the collection with this patterned design:

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Interior Design: ceramic tile collection

If you are planning to restyle of your kitchen or bathroom, you will be interested in the original tile designs that I am sharing today. The designs are created from a metallic stylized image and have a Mediterranean feel to them.

All the tiles in the collection have a similar style and it is nice to use a variety of them to cover your wall. Of course you can also use just one patterned tile and combine it with plain colored tiles. They are available in a small and a larger version:

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Home design ideas: mauve checkered pattern pillow

Are you looking for a new style in your home or do you just need an additional color touch? Today’s feature is a pillow with a beautiful checkered pattern in soft lilac grey with mauve purple. The design has a subtle watercolor effect which gives it a stylish look:

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Warm Christmas ideas for your home

With all the busy activities around gift shopping and planning a stunning dinner, making the house cozy can be a bit daunting. Of course there’s the tree, but today I am featuring a stylish and easy addition for under the tree: a unique design throw blanket with watercolor art effects:

Simple and effective in getting that festive warm and welcoming look!
In case you would like to check out some more throw blankets or fleece blankets, take a look at the entire collection:

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