Colorful design tiles for kitchen or bathroom

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE tiles and geometric patterns. So lately I had a blast creating a whole bunch of new geometric patterns and turned them into tiles. Zazzle has beautiful ceramic tiles that are suitable for use as bathroom or kitchen tiles. You get the best effect in this series by combining different tiles. For a creative and bohemian atmosphere 🙂
It was difficult to find a favorite, but here is a colorful one that pops out:

And here is the entire collection:

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#Caturday! Original cat art

This #Caturday the cats are celebrating friendship 🙂
I’ve made a new painting in the series of Knor exploring different venues. This time she is in the mood for better weather and has taken her friend to the shore.
A lovely painting featuring two kitties overlooking the water to enjoy a sunset.
Friends Forever Cat Art
A happy feel-good painting for cat lovers!
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#Caturday! Funny cat art with a red umbrella

It’s #Caturday and I am celebrating my furry purry friends. Today is a showcase of paintings of cats in the city in the rain.
The first painting features a mysterious lady with a red umbrella, followed by cats. She is a cat whisperer and magically attracts cats from all corners and alleys …
The Cat Whisperer
And the second painting features two kitties under a red umbrella in a busy street in town:
painting with cats under a red umbrella

Stay tuned for more adventures of the cats! 🙂

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Pillows with a Beach theme

If you love the beach, you’ll want to check out the special beach pillows. I’ve created a series of pillows with beach themes that are available in square and lumbar size and both for indoor or outdoor purposes.
The first one features a geometric design with sand, starfish and a romantic view of a sunset on a tropical beach:

And an elegant silver grey striped design with an anchor and custom monogram on optional shape backgrounds:

And this rustic wedding pillow with waves and dark wood lining is also available as a lumbar pillow without wedding knot:

The next pillow with a painted beach scene with wine and glasses is perfect for the romantic soul or a beach wedding, not to mention the wine lovers among us 🙂

You may also like the following classic pillows in blue with an anchor:

And this blue evening pillow with lighthouse and two seagulls is both nice for a couple or anyone who loves seagulls and lighthouses:

Have a beautiful summer!

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Interior design in black and ocher

Black and ocher: a wonderfully alive and contrasting color combination that works wonders for your interior. Today I am featuring some items for your home in these colors. Especially if you have a lot of dark colors in your styling, the ocher will pop!

The geometric design gives it class as well, as you can see in this lumbar sized pillow.
And what do you think of a lamp:

The ocher will spread a really nice and warm light in the evenings.

And a tile for bathroom or kitchen. This works best if you alternate with plain black tiles or also plain ocher tiles in a slight variety of colors. That way your end result will be stylish and not too busy.
And last but not least: a pouf!

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New Lighthouse Paintings

Good news if you love lighthouses: I’ve added a few new paintings with a coastal theme with lighthouses. The first one shows a fresh ocean scene with a stormy sea and a lighthouse with purple flowers and seagulls:
Seascape with Lighthouse Art
The second one features a romantic tropical coastal scene with a lighthouse at sunset and a very peaceful and quiet sea:
Sunset at the Lighthouse painting
And the third one shows a rugged coastal scene with lighthouse and sailboat:
The Lighthouse 3 painting

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Color it green … patterned design outfit and home styling

Whether you’d like to boost your outfit, are looking for a gift, or restyle your home, today’s feature will help you add a touch of green. The design that I’ve chosen is a watercolor enhanced original checkered pattern in different shades of green. For instance, this gorgeous messenger bag with the option to add your own text:

Or what about this lamp:

You can find more inspiration in the collection:

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Celebrate spring with colorful flower art

Love flowers? Then stay tuned as I am showing you some lovely bright floral paintings to enjoy spring all year long:
Magical Dream Flower Art
Fresh Flower Art
Colorful Floral Art

I’ve selected three paintings with a matching color scheme, beautiful to combine them together!
All paintings are available through Imagekind

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#Caturday Art: kitty in an enchanted forest

Today’s feature has an enchanted forest theme with cats. As you know cats are very curious and like to explore all sorts of things. I am in a process of traveling with the cat Knor through all sorts of environments and this is where I started: the forest. A magical environment with moss and elves …
Cat Knor in the Enchanted Forest

I have currently two paintings with Knor exploring the forest theme and this is number two:
Cat in the Enchanted Forest Art
For those of you who are not familiar with the word “Knor”: it stands for the inner light of cats, the spirit of cats.
All paintings are available through

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Kitchen or Bathroom Styling with Tiles

Ceramic tiles can really make or break the atmosphere in your bathroom or kitchen. So it’s worthwhile to check out different styles and colors to see what designs would have the effect your are after. I’ve created a lot of tiles, but today I am focusing on the blue, teal and turquoise colored tiles. My favorite is this one:

The design is large enough to also come out crisp on the large size.
See the collection for more blue tiles:

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