10 Beach House Decoration Ideas

Beach House Decoration Ideas

10 Beach House Decoration Ideas

Beach house decoration is fun and I’ve selected several ways to add to that today. Whether it’s your own home or a vacation rental property, if you have a coastal location, it makes it so much more interesting to add a nautical or beach theme to your interior. It’s also a great idea to combine with other interior design styles. For instance steampunk or industrial design. This is especially the case if you would like your style to be more masculine. So let’s get started with the basic lay-out. If you choose neutral white or wood, it’s basically a matter of adding the right details to create your beach atmosphere.

1. Beach Themed Pillows

Pillows not only soften and relax the living space, but can also bring in that special beach style you are looking for. The colors you choose determine what atmosphere you will get, so make sure you match them with other items you are using

You can also check out the entire collection of pillows.

Most of the products you see in this post are available on Zazzle, personalized and my own design. Also interesting to know: you can transfer a design you like to another product!

2. Door Mats

I probably should have started here, as it is the entrance of your lovely beach dwelling …

3. Nautical Tiles

You can use tiles as stand-alone decoration or insert them in a wall of tiles. You can alternate tile colors as monochromes and as a personal touch, add a tile with beach themed decoration. You can use this idea for your kitchen, bathroom or hall for instance.

You can find more tiles in the tile collection

4. Beach Clocks

Clocks are real eye-catchers and looked at very often. So make sure you choose a clock that makes you feel good! I am showing a few examples here and you can find several other beach and nautical themed clocks in a previous post

5. Fine Art with a Beach Theme

When it comes to beach house decoration, my art gallery is a great place to start, as you can find several paintings with a beach theme.

You can also visit a blog post featuring lighthouse art

6. Nautical Ceramic Knobs

The secret lies into the details. Who would have thought that these small ceramic door knobs could make such a difference! You can use different design ceramic knobs in every room or use the same style throughout the house.

7. Coastal Coasters

Protecting your wood surfaces is vital and coasters will help you in creating the atmosphere you are looking for

Or view the entire coaster collection

More Beach House Collections

There are lots of other items that would enhance your coastal home and here is a selection of more ideas:

Other beach themed ideas ...

There are lots of other items that would enhance your coastal home and here is a selection of more ideas:

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Italy inspired fine art paintings

Italy Inspired Fine Art

I’ve always been inspired by Italy when it comes to art. Especially those colorful romantic coastal scenes of Amalfi or Capri. So today I am featuring some of my own paintings that are not exact paintings of actual places, but are Italy inspired fine art.

Romantic Italian Holiday

A classic and romantic fine art painting of a leisurely scene with restaurant and hotel in Italy. You can see different people enjoying themselves with friends and (of course) cats. A great place for a coffee, a glass of wine and why not enjoy a dinner from the famous Italian kitchen … This painting would also fit nicely in an Italian restaurant …

Sunset on the coast

This is one of my latest paintings. Surprisingly, I made it after I was looking for something for my office and could not find it. Google shows only a selected number of websites and I find it very hard to get outside of their box. So I had no option to be lazy: if I wanted to have that style of painting, the only way was to paint it myself!
This is a fantasy landscape and does not represent an actual place. But I do hope you love the atmosphere. Of course my spiritual cat Knor wanted to be in the painting as well 🙂

A vintage restyle

This is an adaptation of a vintage painting of an (to me) unknown artist. It has that lovely summer feel with the abundance of flowers …

Tuscany Inspiration

This next painting is also a recent one and is inspired by Tuscany.
And of course Knor is there as well 🙂

Venice Inspiration

Nothing more inspiring than love. Venice is also known as the city of love, and although there are more places that could be named that, Venice surely fits the bill. This painting is not an exact place in Venice, as I always like to change things around to create a certain atmosphere. And, as oftentimes, the cats have managed to get themselves in the lime light once again 🙂

Tuscan Wine

Think Italy, and the famous wine comes to mind … This painting shows a glass of red with a bottle and grapes overlooking an Italian style landscape painting, framed by an arched window and festive string lights.

Italy in Summer

A romantic place for a picnic in summer. An Italy inspired landscape scene with poppy fields at sunset with a bottle of wine

Romantic Rendez Vous

Sweet get-together at the Italian coast … intimate conversations while enjoying a good glass of wine …

Interior Design with Art

I am also showing some examples of how these paintings could enhance the atmosphere in your living space

Can’t find what you are looking for?

You may take a look at more paintings in the gallery

More Home Styling and Gift Ideas

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Pillows for Animal Lovers

animal pillows

Animal Pillows

Good news if you love animals: I’ve added several new pillows for animal lovers. As an animal fan it always nice to see the smiling faces of four legged friends or feathered friend for that matter. The pillows add a warm touch to your living environment and are also great as gifts. They all create a different style for your home and some are really great for a child’s room as well.

Featured Pillows

Cat Pillows

This is just a selection of the available cat pillows. You can find more in the entire collection of pillows for animal lovers
I would also like to share some of my favorite pillows featuring other animals here:

Horse Pillows

Animal pillows can be great to create a rustic farm style in your home,
or alternatively brighten up the children’s room.
My favorite horse art pillows:

Pillows featuring other animals

Of course there are lots of delightful animals and I created pillow for some of those, of which I would like to share 3 here:

Haven’t found your favorite yet?
Take a look at the entire animal pillow collection

Other home styling ideas

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Home Styling in Green

Home Styling in Green

Home styling in green: design ideas for your living space in green colors.
Green may not be the most easy color to use for home styling, so you need to move carefully here, as different greens can clash. One way to make it easier, is to start with a white or off-white base in your home styling. Then add green accents and of course: plants! I’m showing some examples of products with a green color scheme:

Bring nature in your home

with green design

Home styling in green

combined with other colors

Notice how beautiful green is when combined with vibrant reds or oranges:

Finishing Touches

Small items can completely change the atmosphere of your living space

More Home Styling Ideas

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Nautical Wall Clocks

Wall clocks

Nautical Wall Clocks

Nautical wall clocks and ocean themed clocks are a great way to create that wonderful beach atmosphere.
Are you searching for a gift for a beach and ocean lover, sailor or surfer?
Today I’ve collected some wall clocks with a nautical theme. Relax, you’re almost there!

Sunset Beach Wall Clocks

Blue Nautical Wall Clocks

Check out the wall clock collection for more designs

More Home Styling and Gift Ideas

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New Paintings for Lighthouse Lovers

New Paintings for Lighthouse Lovers

Good news for lovers of lighthouses: I’ve added several new paintings with a lighthouse theme. In this world filled of challenges we need beacons of hope and light and promises of a better future ahead. All paintings are derived from 3D renders and then hand painted to create the desired effects. The first one shows a dreamy sunset and a magical depth of waters:

Lighthouse Art

Then the second one has a beautiful soft blue turquoise pastel light:

Lighthouse Art

The last one is a variation on this theme in a warm brown blue color setting. And the cat Knor has managed to find a place for herself next to the lighthouse as well 🙂

Lighthouse Art

You can also take a look at the landscape art page on the website.

More Lighthouse Art

Over the course of the years I have painted quite a few landscape scenes with a lighthouse. So in case you missed these, here are some more lighthouse paintings, shown in a room setting:

Other Posts with a Coastal Theme:

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Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Designer kitchen and bathroom tiles

Today is about kitchen and bathroom tiles. So if you are planning a new kitchen or bathroom or want to add a new touch to your existing space, this is for you. With your choice of tiles you can completely change the atmosphere. I’ve created several collections of geometric tile designs, which you can combine to create a colorful and stylish outlook. You can find some of them in this tile collection. But today I am showing some new designs that can be used as “one of a kind”. By surrounding them with uni-colored tiles you can create your own style.

Delft Blue Style Tiles

If you love the Delft blue style: here are some tiles of vintage scenes, converted in blues from traditional paintings

Tiles in Indian Colors

When thinking of India or Mexico or some other countries, warm and abundant use of colors come to mind. Today I am sharing some new tile designs with happy colors. They are also inspired by the Mediterranean style of tiling, as they have a geometric pattern, but with a different color scheme.
The tiles are great for use in a kitchen or bathroom

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Furry purry friends on your wall: more fine art for cat lovers

Furry Purry Friends on your Wall

More Fine Art for Cat Lovers

Once a cat lover, always a cat lover. I know, it’s quite a challenge to find a painting in my art collection that does NOT have cats :-). And I’ve created several new paintings with our furry purry friends, as they are always such a joy to make! Or should I say they just have that tendency to want to take center stage?
So I hope you want to explore with me and add some joy to your heart.

Friends Forever

The first painting shows two kitties on a jetty in a warm embrace. They are watching the sunset over the water together:

Friends Forever - Fine art cat paintingBUY NOW

At The Beach

And I couldn’t resist this threesome on a swing at the beach, in the lovely colors of a warm setting sun. Aren’t they just adorable? At the Beach - Fine Cat Art by Anne Vis BUY NOW

At The Jetty

The third painting I’d like to share today shows Knor as she is happy to see you after chatting with her friends the seagulls. So this is another painting with a jetty and also a water theme:

At the Jetty - Fine Cat Art by Anne Vis BUY NOW

The color schemes of these three paintings fit nicely together, so you can also place them in each other’s vicinity or next to each other.

You can find more of my new paintings on Imagekind.

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Funny Fine Art Rooster Gifts

Fine Art Rooster Gifts

Do you love roosters? Aren’t they the prettiest birds with all those colorful feathers? The collection of roosters (and admittedly: the chicks!) is growing. I just created a new painting featuring a beautiful rooster and added it to several gift products and home design items as well. I’m showing some of them today.

You can find more products in the collection. Also: you can transfer this design to any product that is sold by Zazzle as long as it fits regarding it’s dimensions

You may also like these aprons:

More ideas :

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Romantic Fantasy Fine Art

Romantic Fantasy Fine Art

Today I’d like to show you three new paintings, all with elegant women center stage. Although they are separate paintings, they do have a connection in that they show the power of women from different angles.

Watching the Sunset Together

I’m starting with an Italian inspired lady by the beach. Of course her cat Knor (“K” pronounced as in “kitchen”, the word Knor referring to the inner light being and essence of the cat spirit as originating from the star system Sirius), is with her as they are both watching the sunset on the beach. On the left is a Roman pillar, a symbol of the power of the Roman empire, overgrown with elegant flowers. The referral to the Roman times also highlights a certain enlightenment as this period of time is characterized by high technical achievements as well as a huge spiritual and artistic inspiration. The royal blue dress refers to a celestial influence.

Romantic fine art painting with an elegant lady and cat


Tropical Sunset

The next painting is set in a tropical scene with a lady in red. Red is of course a color of passion. The dreamy waves of the ocean remind of movement and a world that is constantly changing. Together with the cat Knor and a colorful bird friend, she is looking out over the sea to watch the sunset. Or are they waiting for someone or something … ?

Romantic fine art with tropical sunset



And last, but not least, a painting of Norse goddess Freyja, or also named Freya. Although she is originally described as being worshipped in the Scandinavian countries, I saw her clearly in Ireland, which the emerald green dress also symbolizes. She is a blessing for all who see or sense her, being the goddess of joy, beauty, love and healing. The falcon is flying in from the Middle East as an important power animal and she is also joined by her friend and companion the cat Knor, who is silently on the outlook for her. Her love and light are strong against a wild ocean and darkening sky. I depicted her with wings, as she is also related to the angelic realms.

Freyja Fine Art Painting

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