Everything Thanksgiving


Everything Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful celebrations we have. Leaving all the daily worries behind and focusing on what makes us happy and the blessings in life. In this post I am featuring a variety of items with a Thanksgiving theme: invitations, cards, mugs, recipe binders, home styling, gift items and more

Anticipation of the joy and goodies you’ll share starts with sending out the invitations:

Sending a card to someone you love and care about is a great way to express the gratitude of having them in your life:

Enjoy your coffee the entire Holiday season with warm design comfortable mug

You can find more artistic mugs or photo mugs and cat mugs in the collections

Dinner and treats are of course a wonderful part of celebrating.
Check out the latest recipe binders to get started:

Ideas to get in the mood for Thanksgiving, home decoration, party supplies and more:

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Check out the entire Thanksgiving collection

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Christmas Mugs with a personal touch

Christmas mugs - original mugs by Anne Vis

Personalized Christmas Mugs

Mugs are always a great choice as a Christmas gift. They are affordable and in this post I will also show great options to personalize them. A gift that is created and selected with your personal love and care will be so much more appreciated!

Custom Photo Mugs

I’ve created some attractive photo template mugs. Some of them have the option to add 2 photos and others have 3 slots for your custom pictures.
Nice as a keepsake, to celebrate a first Christmas together or to add photos of your favorite pet(s).

Christmas Cat Mugs

Of course I couldn’t resist creating a special section with mugs for cat lovers. After all every cat likes to be center attention.

You can find more cat mugs in the collection

Illustrated Christmas Mugs

In this section I’m showing some more illustrated mugs, which are not only nice for adults, but also great for children.

You can also check out the artistic mug collection

There are a lot of mug templates to choose from. And not only that, you can add and customize texts, photos, shapes and even a QR code or a logo. It is possible to change fonts, rotate or scale images and much more on the individual product pages.
And if you like a design, but not so much on a mug, you can transfer the design to any other product that Zazzle carries, as long as the images are large enough to support the transfer.

Merry Christmas!

Other Christmas Inspiration

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Top 5 Halloween Tricks


Top 5 Halloween Tricks

Halloween is around the corner and I’m sharing some ideas today. Although in recent times, for some, Halloween has turned more into a satanic worshipping party, the actual meaning was just the other way around: to chase away the dark spirits! So let’s get started with some practical ideas.

Halloween Business Cards

I’m starting with some business card templates, as they will help you if you have a business, or, if you are planning a party, to create tickets.

Halloween Party Invitations

And what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a party? Here are some invitations:

Halloween Wine Labels

It’s nice to bring a gift to the host of your (dinner) party and a personalized label on your hand picked wine will be greatly appreciated. Alternately, you can also use custom wine labels to add to the wine you are serving at the party. Especially nice for birthday or other themes that coincide with Halloween.

Find more wine labels on the main site personalized wine label page

Halloween Recipe Postcards

A postcard is great to wish a Happy Halloween, or:
share fabulous Halloween inspired recipes!

The Treats ...

Of course the fun part of Halloween are the treats:

On Anne's Main Website:

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The cutest gifts for Mother’s Day

personalized magnets

The cutest gifts for Mother's Day

Gifts for Mother’s Day: personalized magnets, small, heartwarming and above all: affordable! You can add your own photo to several of them, as well as customize texts and more. I’ve created several different styles and themes for you to choose from. They are lovely as keepsake on the fridge and you can also make a collection of yearly family photos to create a warm atmosphere in your home.
It is also possible to transfer the image to another product that is available on Zazzle on the individual product pages.

Vintage Funny Magnets

Pretty Striped Personalized Magnets

Stripes are classic and always beautiful. I’ve made some photo magnets framed by an elegant striped design. The pastel colored ones are also lovely for a new mom.

Coffee Themed Personalized Magnets

Doesn’t everyone love coffee? And moms need super power to raise children, so they could do with some extra help! Powered by coffee, life becomes easier …

Wine Themed Personalized Magnets

After coffee, wine is probably the most sought after beverage … or is it the other way around? Anyway, here are some lovely Mother’s Day gifts with a wine theme:

On the main site you can find more gifts for wine lovers

Mother's Day Gifts for Cat Lovers

Being a cat mom is of course something very special. A cute Mother’s Day gift with a cat theme is always welcome

On the main site you can find more gifts for cat lovers

Or check out more magnets in the Mother’s Day Magnet Gift Collection

You may also like these gift ideas:

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Free Downloadable Christmas Card for Cat Lovers

Free Downloadable Christmas Card

As last year, I’ve added a new free downloadable Christmas card for cat lovers.
You can right click and save the image you like.

Free downloadable Christmas card for cat lovers

This image is a free adaptation of an AI generated design by Darkmoon Art:

Free Christmas Card 2

Below is a previous sample of a free downloadable Christmas card for cat lovers.
There is a version with text and a version without, so that you can choose what suits you best.

Christmas Card with texts

Free downloadable Christmas Card

Christmas Card without texts

As you can see this card is not only for cat lovers but also will speak to all those who have been conscious of the solstice events this year and the welcoming in of new frequencies of light and love to this planet. Cats are of course at the frontline of all these events!

Be well and whishing you a magical time,
with love,

More Christmas Ideas

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4 Simple ways to make your Christmas gifts look fabulous

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

So you are not a DIY kind of person but still want your gifts to look great? The way to go is to choose personalized wrapping items. Simply add your custom texts and/or photos and you’re done! Today I am sharing some examples of simple and fun ways to make your Christmas gifts extra special.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

After you’ve found the most wonderful gifts for the people you love, the first thing to do is wrap them up in a nice personalized wrapping paper. I’ve created several styles, either on a roll or as sets of sheets (making it easy for you to get a variety in one package)

Festive Ribbons

Adding an artistic and/or colorful ribbon will make your gifts stand out.
I’m showing two different sizes

Personalized Christmas Gift Tags

Gift tags with your own custom texts and in some cases your own photo πŸ™‚

Personalized Christmas Gift Bags

And the party isn’t over without artistic personalized gift bags. All of them are available in different sizes and featuring abstract art patterns, meaning you can scale or rotate the pattern if you like!

More Christmas Inspiration

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20+ Awesome Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

20+ Awesome Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a great asset to create that wonderful happy Holidays atmosphere. Celebrating joy and togetherness, sharing love.
This year I’ve created lots of new Christmas ornaments. Many of those offer the opportunity to add your own photo and on all of them you can customize (and drag, delete and more) the texts. The ornaments are also great as personalized gifts!

Personalized Photo Ornaments

Add your own photos and create awesome keepsakes for a first Christmas as married couple, baby’s first Christmas or add photos of your pet or loved ones that can’t come visit this year … Let the templates inspire you!

Cat and Dog Ornaments

Of course for most of us our pets are the joyes of our lives and it’s just cute to have some Christmas ornaments with either your own pet photo or a pretty design pet themed ornament. Beautiful to decorate the tree or to make someone you love happy …

Funny & Whimsical Christmas Ornaments

Adding a smile and a touch of color to your Christmas decor …

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Check out more Christmas ornaments in the collection

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Personalized Christmas Recipe Binders

Personalized Christmas Recipe Binders

Christmas Recipe Binders

Personalized Christmas recipe binders … great to add your own favorite recipes (which you can always change later if you like). Getting in the mood for the Holidays by trying out some new recipes or to surprise someone you love with some of your most tasty treats …
All binders are available through Zazzle.

Favorite Christmas Recipe Binders

Fall and winter are always great seasons to get indoors and become creative in the kitchen. These personalized binders make it easy for you to stay organized

Cooking with children

for Christmas

Cooking with children is not only a great way to enhance your mutual connection, but can also be a great way to keep children entertained at times when they are confined to home for various reasons. It brings out their natural creativity and playfulness and also may help with kids that are difficult eaters.

Check out other binders

New vintage binders

Sweet Recipe Binders

More Gift Ideas

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Easter Inspiration


Easter Inspiration

Easter inspiration: are you celebrating Easter this year? Even if you’re not religious it’s such a delightful spring celebration and a great opportunity to enjoy a brunch or high tea with family or friends. Today I am sharing some Easter inspiration with home decoration, postcards and invitations for an Easter get together as well as gift ideas:

Popular Easter Ideas:

Easter Ideas in pretty purples

Easter Gift Wrapping Sheets

When you’re invited to an egg hunt or Easter brunch or lunch, it is nice to bring something for the host or hostess. You can make it an extra festive gift, by wrapping it in a personalized paper sheet:

For more ideas, take a look at the entire Easter collection

You may also like:

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