Personalized Post-it Notes

Personalized post-it notes

Personalized Post-it Notes

Personalized post-it notes. A great way to keep track of ideas, create to-do-lists or get organized. They can also be a nice way to emphasize the brand of your business or to treat someone special to a nice and cute small gift. In this post I am featuring post-it notes for teachers, with to-do-lists, with an animal theme, a beach theme, shopping list, a wine theme, as well as whimsical post-it notes

In this section you find some post-it notes with an educational theme or just fun for teachers …

You can also take a look at gifts for teachers on the main site

Practical post-it notes with a to-do-list … which is hopefully not too long … 🙂

Post-it notes with an animal theme, for who loves animals …

Or take a look at the gifts for cat lovers on the main site

For all those loving the coast and beach, here is a section with sea and nautical inspiration post-it notes …

Practical post-it notes for grocery or other shopping needs

Post-it notes featuring a wine theme. Beautiful for a wine lover, or for a business trading in wine, a winery or vineyard

You may also like to take a look at gifts for wine lovers on the main site

Post-it notes featuring whimsical and girly designs

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Cute gifts for children

Gifts for children - design by Anne Vis

Gifts for Children

Finding the perfect gift for children isn’t always that easy. So I’ve made an overview of several products (that are not games) to choose from. Most items are part of a collection, which offers you more choices. Also: I am showing a variety of gift ideas here for both boys and girls and different ages. All items are available on Zazzle and can be customized to your needs or transferred to other products.

Having fun

Some examples of gift ideas …

Other original gift ideas

for children

There are two topics that rarely go unnoticed by children: animals and anything fantasy (depending on their age). Of course technically inspired ideas would also be great (this is a work in progress at the moment, stay tuned as I add more ideas 🙂 )

Wrapping it up ... 🙂

A gift is not a gift without a festive wrapping. So here are some cute wrapping ideas:

On the main site you can find a page specifically with gifts for cat lovers

More Gift Ideas

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A funny gift: personalized phone cases

Phone cases

Funny Phone Cases

A funny gift is always nice to brighten up the day. Since a phone is one of our most used items, it is nice if it makes you feel happy. Today I am featuring some funny personalized phone cases.
You can add your own texts on the product pages. All items are available on Zazzle and can be transferred or adjusted to suit the phone model you need.

Phone cases featuring a variety of themes

Funny Cat Phone Cases

Did you think I forgot about the funny cat phone cases? Of course cats are the most hilarious creatures on the planet, always ready to bring a smile, so here goes:

Funny Holiday Phone Cases

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Precious keepsakes: guest books

Personalized guest books - precious keepsakes

Precious keepsakes: guest books

Turning a milestone into a precious keepsake for later: this page features guest books for different occasions. Recording funny or heartwarming and supportive comments from guests at a wedding, funeral or celebration of life, graduation, bridal shower, retirement, baby shower, baptism, birthday or other special occasion. As you can personalize all guest books, you can change the example situations I put in the templates 🙂

A celebration of life or funeral guestbook with comments from friends and relatives can be a great support in times of loss. You can add a photo of the deceased loved one or another photo of your choice.

At a bridal shower it is fun to give advice to the bride-to-be and what better way to cherish the wise and/or funny words of friends and family than to create a keepsake in the form of a guest book … Always a good idea to keep to secrets of a good marriage at hand!

Of course every wedding needs a guest book!
For the couple the day will pass in an exciting blur, and it’s always nice to be able to read funny or wise comments from guests later …

Looking back at a life of hard work, a guest book with thanks and well wishes for a happy retirement from friends, family and colleagues is a precious keepsake. As it is also a time to look forward, I’ve added some popular themes for retirees

A precious keepsake for a new mom and dad: the lovely advice and well wishes of friends and family for the newborn and the happy parents

I’ve called the guest books in this section baptism guest books, but with images of angels they can also be very lovely for other situations.

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Gift ideas for wine lovers: coasters

personalized coasters by Anne Vis

Gifts Ideas for Wine Lovers:

Wine Coasters

When you don’t know much about wine and are looking for a gift for a wine lover, chances are a bottle of wine may not be the best choice. So you are looking for gifts that have a wine theme, but are not wine. Today I am featuring personalized wine coasters. A nice way to show your love and appreciation for your wine lover 🙂

Personalized Wine Coasters

The coasters with a special wine theme featured here are mostly inspired by what you can find in a lot of my work: Italian design and the beach.
Scroll down a bit more to find other themed coasters 🙂

Stone Coasters

On the product pages on the Zazzle website you can choose which style of coaster you like. You can also transfer a design to another product carried by Zazzle. Here are some stone coasters just to give you an idea:

Other Coasters

You may like a coaster with another theme, that may also be used for coffee or other drinks or is a bit less targeted at wine. So here are some with other themes:

Coaster Sets

If you prefer a variety in design on your coasters, you may like these sets. All are created with a special theme, wine themes to follow!

More for wine lovers:

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Trendy personal gifts: photo mugs

Personalized gifts - photo mugs

Trendy: Personalized Photo Mugs

Personalized photo mugs are a great gift idea, as you can basically start from scratch and make it all your own. To get you started, I have created a whole range of template mugs. All you need to do is change the texts and photos and you’re done, super easy. All mugs are available on Zazzle and can also be transferred to other products if you like. I’ve gathered some groups by theme: Mother’s Day, bridal photo mugs, Save the Date mugs, wedding photo mugs, mugs for men, and mugs for cat lovers, but most of them you can customize for any occcasion. Though photo mugs are very trendy, the ones you’ll find here are unique!

Lovely personalized gifts for mom (or grandma), for Mother’s Day, her birthday or just because. And if the relationship with your mom is not all that great, you can always add photos of the cat 🙂
(more about that later …)

Mugs for women, like your bridesmaids or flower girl. Beautiful to ask a girlfriend as bridesmaid or to thank someone. Customizable for other situations

Most of the mugs I am featuring today will appeal more to women than men. So this next section shows personalized gifts for men. Actually it is also nice to have a series of mugs with the same design and different photos in the office for each member of the team. Or to create a personal atmosphere at work with photos of loved ones.
Not to mention great birthday gifts!

You can also check out other gifts for him on the main site

Of course a special section for our furry purry friends can’t be missed!
Add your own favorite cat photos or leave the mugs as they are
(after all they are all totally adorable, aren’t they?)
with your custom texts

Or: take a look at other gifts for cat lovers on the main site

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Personalized Christmas Recipe Binders

Personalized Christmas Recipe Binders

Christmas Recipe Binders

Personalized Christmas recipe binders … great to add your own favorite recipes (which you can always change later if you like). Getting in the mood for the Holidays by trying out some new recipes or to surprise someone you love with some of your most tasty treats …
All binders are available through Zazzle.

Favorite Christmas Recipe Binders

Fall and winter are always great seasons to get indoors and become creative in the kitchen. These personalized binders make it easy for you to stay organized

Cooking with children

for Christmas

Cooking with children is not only a great way to enhance your mutual connection, but can also be a great way to keep children entertained at times when they are confined to home for various reasons. It brings out their natural creativity and playfulness and also may help with kids that are difficult eaters.

Check out other binders

New vintage binders

Sweet Recipe Binders

More Gift Ideas

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Back to School

Back to school

Back to school

It’s that special time of year when all energies are buzzing to get ready for the last months of the year: back to school or work after a hot and (hopefully!) relaxing summer. I’ve selected some items for office and school supplies that may come in very handy indeed, or make great gifts!


Binders are always great to store important paperwork or notes for school. Here are some examples of personalized binders.
You can also check out the collection of binders.

Lunch Boxes

A more eco-friendly way to lunch: bring your personal lunchbox along with your favorite food. Here are some cute lunchboxes. And you can find more in the lunchbox collection.

Mouse pads

With a lot of computer activity happening at home these days, mouse pads are once again popular! I’m showing some new designs here:


A personalized mug to keep you fueled with coffee (or tea!) during busy times is always welcome. Also great as a gift. You can also check out some mug collections, like the personalized photo mugs collection or the cute cat mugs collection


Personalized notebooks and bullet journals.
You can also take a look at the notebook collection

Teacher's Welcome Postcards

It’s always great to welcome your class to a new year. In this section you can find welcome to the class postcards for kindergarten or lower grades. You can find more products for teachers on the
teacher gift page

More Back to School ideas

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Gifts for Her

Gifts for her

Gifts for her

Gifts for her: for her birthday, an anniversary or just because … or treat yourself!
Today I am featuring several different gift ideas.
Shown is one design on a product, to inspire. You can find a collection of more designs for that product on the link below the description. All products are available on Zazzle and can be customized to your needs.

Writing and creative gift ideas

More gift ideas ...

Gift ideas with a special theme

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USA Freedom Celebrations

USA freedom

USA Freedom Celebrations

Freedom is one of the most important qualities in life, in line with health, safety and love. Originally it was a key quality that the USA was known to stand for. Although it hasn’t always worked out that way, it is still something to strive for. There are many occasions to do that and one of those is the celebration of the 4th of July.
I’m sharing some items to add in the joy today. They are all available on Zazzle and can be customized to your needs.

4th of July party invitations & cards

You can also check out other summer party invitations

Gifts & fun stuff

What’s a party if you don’t have the outfit or accessories?
I’m featuring some items here today: