Personalized shoes

Today I am featuring high top shoe designs with unique patterns. Looking great can be comfortable!
Starting with a teal green pattern with leaves:

You can edit or delete the monogram text. It’s also possible to rotate or scale the design.
Then a gorgeous checkered multicolored pattern design shoe:

And a nature inspired fractal pattern design:

You may also like to check out the entire shoe collection.

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Dishwasher Magnets

Today I am featuring some new dishwasher magnets. Very practical for your own use or a cute little personal gift!
You can also use a colorful magnet to enhance the atmosphere in your kitchen or make a design statement. The first design is inspired by soap 🙂

Then a modern industrial design dishwasher magnet in ocher gold with brick:

A cute one for cat lovers:

And a minimalist one in simple black and white:

You can also check out the entire collection to see more designs.

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Mondrian in Neon Glow

Today I am featuring some products with a design inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan. In the US for some obscure reason better known as Mondrian. I’ve added a green color and some glow effects. All products are available on Zazzle and the design can be scaled, dragged or rotated. You can find all options on the product pages. The first item is a lamp:

Then a tie for him:

And a bandana for her:

You can transfer this pattern to other products available on Zazzle if you like!
And you may also like to check out a previous post with a similar design.

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Stained Glass Inspired Design

Today’s feature is an interesting fusion between stained or leaded glass design and a patchwork or quilted style. And that all created with fine art brushes! You’ll love the color combination as it goes well with almost every interior or outfit. The first example of products with this design, are leggings:

And this gorgeous fleece blanket should keep you warm all through winter (available in different sizes):

And you can make a great fashion statement with personalized tote bag:

You can transfer the design to any product offered by Zazzle and play with the tiling options. You can rotate the design, drag it and more! To get you started, I’ve created a collection with more products with this pattern.

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Tin Roof Inspired Design

Tin roof design is the new trend! I’ve created two abstract striped patterns based on a tin roof image, with a metallic look. I’m showing some of the products made with them today. As always, you can transfer the pattern image to any other product on Zazzle that you like. Starting with a flask:
Tin Roof Inspired Metallic Design Flask
Tin Roof Inspired Metallic Design Flask

Then a tie:

And a phone case with an (optional) monogram:

You can see more products with this tin roof striped pattern in the collection.

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Keeping track of time … are you ready for a new year?

Today I am featuring some watches to help you keep track of time … especially useful for those who are notoriously late, to make sure they are right on time for a New Year 🙂 And let’s do it the old fashioned way with a beautiful vintage train locomotive:

And if you want to go all the way vintage, this steampunk pocket watch will do the trick:

And of course you don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous pocket watch with a coffee theme:

Time is a thing of the past … but I guess you already knew that …
And by the way: it’s purely coincidental that all watches are very suitable as a gift for men …

So here’s to the New Year: Cheers!

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Personal gifts with an astrology star sign theme

Are you looking for a gift for a birthday? Then you already know their astrological star sign and that makes it easy to find a very personal gift. I’ve started with a series of mugs with an astrology theme. Each mug is all about one specific star sign, their symbol, the dates they apply and then a custom (funny or sweet) character description which you can customize just for your loved one. I’ve already added a text for your inspiration, and online you can find much more about the charming or disastrous character traits of the receiver (or the suspect :-)). Of course you can also make up your own story. The background is a starry night sky design. Anyway, I started with the Capricorn:

Then Aquarius:


And Aries:

In time the other signs will be added and if you don’t want to wait for that, you can also contact me.

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Funny Fine Art Rooster Gifts

Do you love roosters? Aren’t they the prettiest birds with all those colorful feathers? I just created a new painting featuring a beautiful rooster and added it to several gift products and home design items as well. I’m showing some of them today. And with Christmas coming up, I’m starting with a funny Christmas ornament:

Then a personalized phone case, which I thought would make a great gift for a self-employed professional or, with different texts, for anyone else:

For those of us who love to cook:

And a coaster:

You can find the painting for on the wall on Imagekind as well as Fine Art America. And you can find more products in the collection.
Of course you can also transfer the design to another product!

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Festive Gifts for Cooks

If you love to cook or are looking for a gift for someone who does, this post is for you. Today I am featuring recipe binders, and most notably binders with a rooster drawing:

Beautiful for anyone inspired by grandma’s cozy kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to like to eat chicken, to love the feel that comes from the warm atmosphere of this design. There’s another one with a tiled pattern:

You can also check out more recipe binders on the website. I’ve also added more new binders for the Holidays!

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Love to cook? Check out today’s Personalized Aprons

Today I am featuring aprons: nice as a gift for yourself if you love to cook or as a gift for someone who loves cooking. The aprons I am showing today are great for men as well and you can customize the texts:

And a cute one with a rooster:

You can also check out the collection with more gifts for him.

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