#Caturday: how cats view the world

This #Caturday I want to tell you something more about a painting I just made.
A room with a view - surreal cat art
When I start on a new painting, I do some research into what I want to make. Oftentimes this takes me completely off track and I end up creating something entirely different from what I set out to do. And then I am so busy with composition, colors and other details, that I usually do not think any more about significance or deeper meaning … until it’s done. And then the painting starts to speak in a new way to tell me what I apparently subconsciously wanted to say.
I find it fascinating how this works and to get back to this particular painting, it has a surreal aspect to it. Or maybe I should say philosophical. It is not entirely clear from the painting whether the kitty Knor (“k” pronounced as in “kitchen”, referring to the inner spirit of cat beings) is looking at the world from the inside, or from the outside. The line between inner and outer world have blurred. Or should I say, like the ancient Chinese, as above, so below?
This is a young knor being, exploring. However, she has tools to her disposition to find answers. (I couldn’t have made this up!)
You can see some books of wisdom by her side and she is lit by the warm light of a candle. Candle light stands for help from the spirit world and illumination. On the other side of the window sill you see an apple. When I made the painting, I was thinking of the colors and composition mainly, but now, looking at it again, I can’t miss the symbolic meaning of an apple as referring to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden: the wisdom of making the discernment between good and evil. A skill Knor will especially need in a world where lines between inside and outside seem to be blurred …
Of course after all this, I recommend to just enjoy and relax while taking in the pleasure of furry purry fun in explorations!

P.S. This painting is now also available on Fine Art America, which means you can also get it as a metallic print!

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#Caturday – funny cat phone cases

Cats are always great for a smile and today I am featuring funny phone cases with cute cats to celebrate #Caturday 🙂
The first one is a girly pink phone with a smiling cute kitty:

You can delete or drag the paw prints if you like.
The second one is a clown with suspicious cat features:

And I can’t resist to share this cutie with you:

Of course you can customize all texts. Beautiful for anyone who loves cats!

Also check out more phone cases on this page

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Halloween Party Invitations

Today’s Friday the 13th. As a cat lover that is almost as good as #Caturday of course. And what better day to talk Halloween? I’m working on several new Halloween Party invitations and would like to show you some of the latest here.
The first one is a fantasy style Halloween invitation with a dragon and black cat in a magical forest with a bat and spider. This invitation works well for both adults and children:

The second one is for a Halloween dinner party and features a haunted house:

And last but not least: a Halloween party invitation for children with a trick or treat theme with a witch, cupcake with cute mouse and of course cats :-). Also great for a costume party at Halloween for children:

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Funny Cat Mugs

I know, I am too late this week for an official #Caturday celebration. However, I would love to share these funny mugs with you. You’ll also need them as it’s almost Monday … 🙂 And in case you like to continue in the spirit of the weekend, here is a secretly wine drinking kitty … no, not in the bathtub, but a real wine barrel … not kitting you 🙂

And this kitty is preparing for Monday:

You may want to try this strategy and see how it works for you 🙂

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#Caturday Cat sympathy greeting cards

Of course for any cat lover, the cats belong to the family. So when a furry purry friend passes away, it is a great loss. Time for friends and family to support each other. I’ve created some new cat sympathy cards. They can all be customized to your needs:

Cats are going to a special place after they pass away and I call it cat heaven … And although we usually can’t see them while they are on earth, they actually do have wings 🙂

You can also replace the image with a photo of the kitty whom it concerns.
View the entire collection here:

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Must-have cards with cats

It’s always handy to stock up on cards for birthdays or other milestone events in case you did not get enough time to prepare. And as today is #Caturday, I am using this opportunity to feature some cards and postcards for special events. The first is a funny cat Father’s Day card:

Of course you can also change the texts for other occasions 🙂
The next card is a funny birthday card with a Mondrian style drawing of a (admitted, slightly drunk :-)) kitty:

Also available as postcard.
And an angel cat greeting card in case a loved kitty passes away:

And this one you do need to plan ahead: a relocation card

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#Caturday! Whimsical design pillows for cat lovers

I can’t think of anything more delightful than sharing a hug and caress with a kitty. And if you don’t have a real cat around, a soft and fluffy pillow may be as good as it gets. Whether you have or have not access to “the real deal”, a fluffy pillow in your living space is always nice.
I have been drawing cats lately and made some pillows. As I could not decide which colors I liked best, I used all designs, so here goes:

A lovely dreamy effect with that pale teal blue, don’t you think? I used subtle watercolor effects on this one.
The next one has more bold colors:

And the lotus like background on this slightly darker pillow creates an effect of angel cats with wings:

And last but not least a gold gradient effect for elegance:

So what is your favorite? They are all available on Zazzle and you can customize by adding texts or a monogram for instance. Beautiful as a gift for a cat lover!
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#Caturday! Original cat art

This #Caturday the cats are celebrating friendship 🙂
I’ve made a new painting in the series of Knor exploring different venues. This time she is in the mood for better weather and has taken her friend to the shore.
A lovely painting featuring two kitties overlooking the water to enjoy a sunset.
Friends Forever Cat Art
A happy feel-good painting for cat lovers!
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#Caturday! Funny cat art with a red umbrella

It’s #Caturday and I am celebrating my furry purry friends. Today is a showcase of paintings of cats in the city in the rain.
The first painting features a mysterious lady with a red umbrella, followed by cats. She is a cat whisperer and magically attracts cats from all corners and alleys …
The Cat Whisperer
And the second painting features two kitties under a red umbrella in a busy street in town:
painting with cats under a red umbrella

Stay tuned for more adventures of the cats! 🙂

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