Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Are you planning a new kitchen or bathroom or do you want to add a new touch to your existing space? Today I am featuring some new tile ideas. With your choice of tiles you can completely change the atmosphere. I’ve created several collections of geometric tile designs, which you can combine to create a colorful and stylish outlook. You can find them on the website. But today I am showing some new designs that can be used as “one of a kind”. By surrounding them with uni-colored tiles you can create your own style. The first tile I would like to show you is a landscape design tile, featuring a mountain range with some trees at sunset. The blue colors are especially relaxing. Great to dream away while soaking in the bath 🙂

And then a tile with a painting of Dutch artist Cornelis Verbeeck. I’ve restyled this painting to give it the look of Delft blue design:

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Colorful design tiles for kitchen or bathroom

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE tiles and geometric patterns. So lately I had a blast creating a whole bunch of new geometric patterns and turned them into tiles. Zazzle has beautiful ceramic tiles that are suitable for use as bathroom or kitchen tiles. You get the best effect in this series by combining different tiles. For a creative and bohemian atmosphere 🙂
It was difficult to find a favorite, but here is a colorful one that pops out:

And here is the entire collection:

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Kitchen or Bathroom Styling with Tiles

Ceramic tiles can really make or break the atmosphere in your bathroom or kitchen. So it’s worthwhile to check out different styles and colors to see what designs would have the effect your are after. I’ve created a lot of tiles, but today I am focusing on the blue, teal and turquoise colored tiles. My favorite is this one:

The design is large enough to also come out crisp on the large size.
See the collection for more blue tiles:

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Beach inspired kitchen or bathroom tiles

I’ve created several collections of ceramic tiles for bathroom or kitchen and today I am featuring a beach inspired collection. The featured tile shows a geometrical star pattern in sand and pale turquoise colors:

All patterns in the collection are created from original photographs of beaches and are large enough to be used on small or large tiles:

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Kitchen or bathroom tiles inspired by classic Roman art

Are you restyling bathroom or kitchen? If you love the ancient Roman mosaics, you will also love the tile collection I am featuring today. I’ve created a series of patterned tiles, all based on the skin patterns of Italian lizards!
Take a look at this gorgeous tile which seems floral:

or check out the entire collection:

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Interior design in black and ocher

Black and ocher: a wonderfully alive and contrasting color combination that works wonders for your interior. Today I am featuring some items for your home in these colors. Especially if you have a lot of dark colors in your styling, the ocher will pop!

The geometric design gives it class as well, as you can see in this lumbar sized pillow.
And what do you think of a lamp:

The ocher will spread a really nice and warm light in the evenings.

And a tile for bathroom or kitchen. This works best if you alternate with plain black tiles or also plain ocher tiles in a slight variety of colors. That way your end result will be stylish and not too busy.
And last but not least: a pouf!

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Interior Design: ceramic tile collection

If you are planning to restyle of your kitchen or bathroom, you will be interested in the original tile designs that I am sharing today. The designs are created from a metallic stylized image and have a Mediterranean feel to them.

All the tiles in the collection have a similar style and it is nice to use a variety of them to cover your wall. Of course you can also use just one patterned tile and combine it with plain colored tiles. They are available in a small and a larger version:

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