Celebrating #Caturday with a new cat painting

You know how cats always like to be on top of things and enjoy having a nice view. Today I am featuring a new painting with two cats looking out of the window to enjoy the sunset over the water:
A room with a view 2
A colorful and happy painting. And as usual, some questions pop up. In the New Age movement the key question is “Who am I?”. However, the question that comes up here is: “Where am I?”. I always find that question a lot more interesting, for as long as you don’t know where you are, you are never going to find an answer to the question who you are. And the reason this question comes up in this painting, is the water. Are the cats in a houseboat? Or a beach house? Where are they? Is the water a lake? Or a river or canal? And what is it that catches their eye?
All in all a fantasy painting with a somewhat surreal aspect …
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