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Today’s feature is all about going back to school. I’ve gathered some unique personalized items for both students of younger ages and teachers.
I am starting with new welcome back to school postcards for teachers, to welcome their new pupils. Both of the postcards are very colorful and cheerful, both on the front and the back:

Then, of course, you’ll also need class planner binders. I’ve selected some black ones with books and sunflowers:

And a binder that would be nice for either a teacher or student:

And this new magical unicorn binder is great for younger students:

And to carry the books and other needs to school, a modern new messenger bag:

A football sticker in bright colors:

And stylish vintage black:

A personalized teacher ballpoint:

And one with cute cartoon kids:

All in all a great starter kit for teachers and some inspiration for the students as well 🙂

Back to School – this is what you need