Beach House Decoration Ideas

10 Beach House Decoration Ideas

Beach house decoration is fun and I’ve selected several ways to add to that today. Whether it’s your own home or a vacation rental property, if you have a coastal location, it makes it so much more interesting to add a nautical or beach theme to your interior. It’s also a great idea to combine with other interior design styles. For instance steampunk or industrial design. This is especially the case if you would like your style to be more masculine. So let’s get started with the basic lay-out. If you choose neutral white or wood, it’s basically a matter of adding the right details to create your beach atmosphere.

1. Beach Themed Pillows

Pillows not only soften and relax the living space, but can also bring in that special beach style you are looking for. The colors you choose determine what atmosphere you will get, so make sure you match them with other items you are using

You can also check out the entire collection of pillows.

Most of the products you see in this post are available on Zazzle, personalized and my own design. Also interesting to know: you can transfer a design you like to another product!

2. Door Mats

I probably should have started here, as it is the entrance of your lovely beach dwelling …

3. Nautical Tiles

You can use tiles as stand-alone decoration or insert them in a wall of tiles. You can alternate tile colors as monochromes and as a personal touch, add a tile with beach themed decoration. You can use this idea for your kitchen, bathroom or hall for instance.

You can find more tiles in the tile collection

4. Beach Clocks

Clocks are real eye-catchers and looked at very often. So make sure you choose a clock that makes you feel good! I am showing a few examples here and you can find several other beach and nautical themed clocks in a previous post

5. Fine Art with a Beach Theme

When it comes to beach house decoration, my art gallery is a great place to start, as you can find several paintings with a beach theme.

You can also visit a blog post featuring lighthouse art

6. Nautical Ceramic Knobs

The secret lies into the details. Who would have thought that these small ceramic door knobs could make such a difference! You can use different design ceramic knobs in every room or use the same style throughout the house.

7. Coastal Coasters

Protecting your wood surfaces is vital and coasters will help you in creating the atmosphere you are looking for

Or view the entire coaster collection

8. Beach Mugs

More Beach House Collections

There are lots of other items that would enhance your coastal home and here is a selection of more ideas:

Other beach themed ideas ...

There are lots of other items that would enhance your coastal home and here is a selection of more ideas:

10 Beach House Decoration Ideas