#MondayMotivation Business Cards with space for Appointments

For several professionals a lot of their business is meeting clients and having appointments. So today I am featuring appointment business cards for a variety of professions. I start with the beauty professionals:

A silver pearlescent business card with ‘nails’ script in silver.

And a more neutral gold stylized business card …

A medical appointment business card

And an appointment business card for a music teacher.
You can also check out the entire collection:

Colorful Fractal Flowers

You might think they have disappeared from the planet, but actually some are still here: I am talking fractals! Today I am sharing three products with a colorful fractal design, that have resisted time are still best selling. The first product is a binder with this floral fractal art:

And then a pillow: a real eye catcher!

And the third one will come in handy this summer as you go traveling, or to use for you make up as you travel to work:

You can also add your own text if you like!

Sailing party invitations

Do you love to go sailing and have a celebration coming up? Why not invite your party over to the sailboat? You could dock somewhere for a picnic or you could have a bustling party on the beach or at the boat house … Today I am sharing some invitations with a sailboat theme with you. The first one features a golden sunset painting of sailboat:

And this one is beautiful for a tropical area:

And a whimsical party invitation featuring a dancing couple on a sailboat:

Is the reason for the celebration very young still? Take a look at this cute child birthday party invite in a gorgeous scrapbook style:

Beach inspired kitchen or bathroom tiles

I’ve created several collections of ceramic tiles for bathroom or kitchen and today I am featuring a beach inspired collection. The featured tile shows a geometrical star pattern in sand and pale turquoise colors:

All patterns in the collection are created from original photographs of beaches and are large enough to be used on small or large tiles:

Gift ideas in black and white

Black and white: the safe option or always trendy? Somehow this basic “color” combination never tires. Today I am featuring some gifts in this basic color setting:
The first is a tie in a tribal style:

Then, with the summer around the corner, you may like to check out these flip flops:

Always cute: a personalized magnet with your own photo. This magnet has a checkered black and white patterned frame:

The last one for today is a black and white wall clock:

#MondayMotivation Business cards for photographers

Monday is the day to boost your business and today I am featuring business cards with a custom photo option (or more!). The center business card is simply white with your own photos and a tiny drop shadow added, in order for your photos to stand out a bit more. I set it up for a photographer, but of course you can customize it for other professional or personal needs as well:

You can also check out the entire collection:

Lighthouse wall art

Today I am featuring paintings with lighthouses. The first painting shows a white lighthouse with a tiny house on the beach. The color setting is a pastel blue with warm vibrant oranges and red. And a lovely romantic sunset:
Lighthouse Painting

The second painting is based on a 3D render and also has a white lighthouse. This painting has a range of colors with a combination of cool blues and warm yellow reds:
Lighthouse Painting 2
The third painting is a romantic fantasy scene with a lighthouse at sunset and a couple being out in their boat:
Romantic Summer Night Lighthouse Painting
All paintings are available through Imagekind

#Caturday! Notebooks for cat lovers

Today I am featuring two notebooks or bullet journals with a cat theme. And you’ll be happy to know that you can add the images with a photo of your own favorite kitty or cat family! The first one has a classic style with a brown leather look and an optional gift tag image on top, framing the cat image. The size is square:

And the next one is a girly bullet journal design in cheerful fuchsia pink:

With a curious kitty cat on top, wanting to know all about what’s going on! 🙂

You may also like to take a look at previous posts with notebooks. One shows more notebooks for cat lovers and one showing more general notebooks. Or you may like to take a look at the new bullet journals.