Custom Halloween Wine Labels

If you love wine, you don’t want to miss out on Halloween. Today I am featuring the new wine labels with a Halloween theme. The first one is a vintage design with cat. You know that for cats Halloween is one of their favorite days of the year, although it must be said that the “treat” part is what they like best … 🙂
You can use this wine label as a reward for the best costume, or customize it any other way:

And witches like to hang out in forests, so here is a special forest wine label with candles and as special accent a big spider:

And who doesn’t love bat potion?

To see more wine labels, visit the wine label web page.

Mugs – Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Today’s featured products are mugs with a fall and pumpkin theme. You can add your own texts. I’ve used the “Pumpkin, spice and everything nice” phrase as all mugs have a pumpkin theme, but you are of course free to change that. Starting with one of the latest designs, with a sunflower:

And one with a matching design:

And this one shows a fairy in a fall forest, super cute:

And another modern design with a fall theme and warm festive autumn colors:

These mugs are great for warm fall feeling and make perfect gifts for a fall birthday or other celebration. And they are a lovely treat for a hostess.
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Christmas Gift Card Templates

If you are running a small business, it might be interesting for you to issue gift cards in order to bring in new customers. Today I am featuring some with a Christmas theme:

A cute doll in a snow scene with pine cones and a gold and black design on the back.
Gold and black are of course beautiful for a classy look and here is another one in that color setting:

And a classic one that also has this magical touch of gold, with candles:

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Personalized gift tags

Gifts are more personal and extra festive with a custom gift tag. Today I am featuring the latest design for this fall and Holiday season.
I’m starting with a gold and rose gold on black design with stars:

And a cheerful and colorful design with pumpkins for an autumn birthday or Thanksgiving:

And although the text for this one says Christmas, it is also a beautiful gift tag for any other occasion to celebrate fall and the Holiday season:

And the last new gift tag that I am showing you today features a crisp and fresh design in white and red for Christmas:

Planning gifts in this season really gets you in the mood for cozy and festive celebrations don’t you think?
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#Caturday: how cats view the world

This #Caturday I want to tell you something more about a painting I just made.
A room with a view - surreal cat art
When I start on a new painting, I do some research into what I want to make. Oftentimes this takes me completely off track and I end up creating something entirely different from what I set out to do. And then I am so busy with composition, colors and other details, that I usually do not think any more about significance or deeper meaning … until it’s done. And then the painting starts to speak in a new way to tell me what I apparently subconsciously wanted to say.
I find it fascinating how this works and to get back to this particular painting, it has a surreal aspect to it. Or maybe I should say philosophical. It is not entirely clear from the painting whether the kitty Knor (“k” pronounced as in “kitchen”, referring to the inner spirit of cat beings) is looking at the world from the inside, or from the outside. The line between inner and outer world have blurred. Or should I say, like the ancient Chinese, as above, so below?
This is a young knor being, exploring. However, she has tools to her disposition to find answers. (I couldn’t have made this up!)
You can see some books of wisdom by her side and she is lit by the warm light of a candle. Candle light stands for help from the spirit world and illumination. On the other side of the window sill you see an apple. When I made the painting, I was thinking of the colors and composition mainly, but now, looking at it again, I can’t miss the symbolic meaning of an apple as referring to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden: the wisdom of making the discernment between good and evil. A skill Knor will especially need in a world where lines between inside and outside seem to be blurred …
Of course after all this, I recommend to just enjoy and relax while taking in the pleasure of furry purry fun in explorations!

P.S. This painting is now also available on Fine Art America, which means you can also get it as a metallic print!

Autumn: perfect for a wine tasting party

Whether it’s a birthday, a retirement or bridal shower: a celebration isn’t the same without wine! Today I am featuring some gorgeous new wine tasting party invitations. The first one has festive string lights and colorful grapes:

And the next wine tasting invitation shows a wine bottle with glass on a vineyard background and is also great for a winery or vineyard to present new wines:

Love something a bit different? This one has a rustic and blue combination design:

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Birthday party invitations for children

Is your child’s birthday coming up? It’s always fun to see the joy on their faces, of course especially when they are still quite young. I am featuring party invitations for children around the age of 4-7 years today.
The first one is a unicorn themed invitation. Unicorn is on an adventure with his friends in a hot air balloon:

And of course it also a lot of fun for children to have a sleep-over, so here is a pajama party invitation:

These are only the latest invitations I added. To see more invitations for child birthdays, visit the website.

Halloween Business Cards and Party Tickets

If you are celebrating Halloween with a party or running a business selling Halloween supplies, business cards may come in handy. Today I am featuring business cards for retailers and wholesale as well as Halloween themed business cards that can be used as party tickets. I start with a classic straightforward design in festive and eye catching orange with black:

A moody and somewhat creepy design:

A funny yet scary cat design:

And a colorful party ticket with cat:

And this template is easy when you are including a free drink in your admission ticket:

As you can customize the templates, you can use each card for your personal needs. On the product pages you can find more ideas. You may also like a previous post featuring Halloween party invitations.

Autumn Fashion for Men: ties

Back to work … in a new outfit? Today I am featuring a few ties that are great for a fresh new autumn style:

This tie combines stylish black with metallic design in rose gold copper colors.
And the next one is a gold and black design with warm ocher:

Looking for something more eye-catching? This tie shows a green, ocher and orange red striped design:

You can take a look at other ties on the main website tie collection or check out a previous post with ties.

Postcard inspiration

Postcards are so much fun! Not just to let someone know you are thinking about them, or to announce a new address or to congratulate them with their birthday (see how many things postcards are great for?) … but also to frame in your home. A small piece of art to add joy and color to your space (after removing the texts):

This one is a nice for a child’s room:

And this one would work well for an office space of someone who loves to sail:

And as the costs don’t break the bank, it’s easy to replace them when you are ready for a new style or design.
Try hanging a few of them together to add atmosphere!

A totally different use is to create a mood board. You can use mood boards to make a visual representation of what you would like in your life. You can cut out elements of postcards to make a collage or you can hang a couple of postcards together in a frame … just ideas to get your creative flow going! 🙂

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