#Caturday Art: kitty in an enchanted forest

Today’s feature has an enchanted forest theme with cats. As you know cats are very curious and like to explore all sorts of things. I am in a process of traveling with the cat Knor through all sorts of environments and this is where I started: the forest. A magical environment with moss and elves …
Cat Knor in the Enchanted Forest

I have currently two paintings with Knor exploring the forest theme and this is number two:
Cat in the Enchanted Forest Art
For those of you who are not familiar with the word “Knor”: it stands for the inner light of cats, the spirit of cats.
All paintings are available through

Spring! Boost your outfit with new tank tops

Spring is a great time to look at your outfit and check what needs to be added. And today I am featuring tank tops. Great for the summer, but in spring they can be worn with a cardigan or light jacket and really make all the difference. Today’s favorite is a tank top with an elegant filigree design, light sparkles and swirls, all created with fractal software. The color is cream in combination with light grey and gold:

I’ve created several other tank top designs as well, so you may like to check out the collection:

Kitchen or Bathroom Styling with Tiles

Ceramic tiles can really make or break the atmosphere in your bathroom or kitchen. So it’s worthwhile to check out different styles and colors to see what designs would have the effect your are after. I’ve created a lot of tiles, but today I am focusing on the blue, teal and turquoise colored tiles. My favorite is this one:

The design is large enough to also come out crisp on the large size.
See the collection for more blue tiles:

Graduation Party Invitations

Big congratulations on your graduation! So now it’s time to celebrate! I’ve created a series of invitations for graduations, high school graduations, college graduations and graduation of law school or a medical degree. The first one I am featuring today is a chic chocolate and cream with gold photo invitation:

And I couldn’t resist this next one: a colorful stripe with gold on black and festive laurel wreath:

To see all graduation invitations, also for other occasions, take a look at the collection:

Green Pillows

Would you like to have more green in your environment? If you can’t have more plants in your home or have no influence on what is happening in your street, you can add imagery with green to cheer up the place. Today I am featuring green pillows:

This first pillow has a wild variety of leaves on a mint green background. Available in lumber and square size.

The second pillow is best in square size and combines green with teal colors.
And last, but not least a green checkered watercolor patterned pillow in more moss green colors, which is nice both in lumber and square size:

#MondayMotivation Business Cards with space for Appointments

For several professionals a lot of their business is meeting clients and having appointments. So today I am featuring appointment business cards for a variety of professions. I start with the beauty professionals:

A silver pearlescent business card with ‘nails’ script in silver.

And a more neutral gold stylized business card …

A medical appointment business card

And an appointment business card for a music teacher.
You can also check out the entire collection:

Colorful Fractal Flowers

You might think they have disappeared from the planet, but actually some are still here: I am talking fractals! Today I am sharing three products with a colorful fractal design, that have resisted time are still best selling. The first product is a binder with this floral fractal art:

And then a pillow: a real eye catcher!

And the third one will come in handy this summer as you go traveling, or to use for you make up as you travel to work:

You can also add your own text if you like!

Sailing party invitations

Do you love to go sailing and have a celebration coming up? Why not invite your party over to the sailboat? You could dock somewhere for a picnic or you could have a bustling party on the beach or at the boat house … Today I am sharing some invitations with a sailboat theme with you. The first one features a golden sunset painting of sailboat:

And this one is beautiful for a tropical area:

And a whimsical party invitation featuring a dancing couple on a sailboat:

Is the reason for the celebration very young still? Take a look at this cute child birthday party invite in a gorgeous scrapbook style: