Halloween Party Invitations

Today’s Friday the 13th. As a cat lover that is almost as good as #Caturday of course. And what better day to talk Halloween? I’m working on several new Halloween Party invitations and would like to show you some of the latest here.
The first one is a fantasy style Halloween invitation with a dragon and black cat in a magical forest with a bat and spider. This invitation works well for both adults and children:

The second one is for a Halloween dinner party and features a haunted house:

And last but not least: a Halloween party invitation for children with a trick or treat theme with a witch, cupcake with cute mouse and of course cats :-). Also great for a costume party at Halloween for children:

#MondayMotivation: Business cards for builders

Builders and construction engineers are going through busy times. But whether you are busy or not, basic communication with customers remains vital. I’ve created a series of business cards for anyone in the building industry. Whether you are a welder or carpenter …
The first featured business card shows a metallic design with silver gray:

The second featured business card shows a wall under construction:

And as always, you can find business cards with the same theme in a collection:

And you can find many more business cards on the main site.

Funny Cat Mugs

I know, I am too late this week for an official #Caturday celebration. However, I would love to share these funny mugs with you. You’ll also need them as it’s almost Monday … 🙂 And in case you like to continue in the spirit of the weekend, here is a secretly wine drinking kitty … no, not in the bathtub, but a real wine barrel … not kitting you 🙂

And this kitty is preparing for Monday:

You may want to try this strategy and see how it works for you 🙂

Boost your business with gift certificates

If you are a retailer or business owner dealing directly with customers, offering a gift certificate or gift card is a great way to attract new customers. I have created quite a few gift certificates in business card size, making it easy for your clients to carry the card in their wallet. I’ll show you the latest. The first is an elegant gold and black design, great for any business:

The second one is great for a coffee house or grand café:

I’ve also made a fall themed gift card for any business. Nice for the Thanksgiving season:

More gift certificates in business card size on the website. You’ll also find the Christmas Holidays gift cards there as well as special themed gift certificates.

New Notebooks for Art Lovers

Today I’ve added new square format notebooks with original paintings.
The first one is inspired by Spain and shows a beautiful girl with a red flower in her hair:

Beautiful for anyone who loves flamenco dance or the traditional scenes of the Mediterranean or South America.
The next notebook is very versatile. If you add a funny text it can serve as a dream journal or personal notebook. You can however also use it as memorial guestbook. The white egret that is taking off over the water is definitely a spiritual design:

You may also like to take a look at previous posts with notebooks. For cat lovers and more notebooks for cat lovers and a post with more general notebooks. Or you may like to take a look at the new bullet journals.

#MondayMotivation: Business cards for Mom!

Today I am featuring business cards, as always on Mondays. And this time Mom is favorite, with business cards to make it easy for mothers to hand out their contact information to school teachers and others. The first one shows an artistic pansy in warm colors:

And a white paint on modern plaid design:

The last one features a cute cartoon mom with child on her arm:

You can find more Mom business cards in the collection

Color splash: new messenger bags

I’ve been having some fun with messenger bags today and added new designs in bright and (just maybe :-)) some psychedelic colors. Perfect for a summer day or the beach, although they would brighten up a dull winter day as well of course. Or maybe I am already dreaming of Christmas in July …
The designs are created in a tiled version, so you can scale or rotate them in the design tool on Zazzle. I’ve already set up shapes to add your custom monogram, but you can also rotate, scale or delete these or play with some other options.

You may also like to check out a previous post with messenger bags or take a look at the messenger bag product page.

#Caturday Cat sympathy greeting cards

Of course for any cat lover, the cats belong to the family. So when a furry purry friend passes away, it is a great loss. Time for friends and family to support each other. I’ve created some new cat sympathy cards. They can all be customized to your needs:

Cats are going to a special place after they pass away and I call it cat heaven … And although we usually can’t see them while they are on earth, they actually do have wings 🙂

You can also replace the image with a photo of the kitty whom it concerns.
View the entire collection here:

Personalized mugs for Father’s Day

I’ve created new personalized mugs for Father’s Day. You can add your own photos and customize or delete the texts. The first mug I am showing has a striped design in coffee colors and is great for a coffee loving dad:

I’ve added baby and toddler photos, for a proud new dad, but of course you can add any photo you like.
The second mug shows a brown leather design with metallic effects and two of your favorite photos:

You can also check out other gifts for him in the collection:

Or take a look at the mugs on my website 🙂

Summer Birthday Party Invitations

Birthdays in the summer offer special opportunities, like celebrating in the garden or having a BBQ. Today I am featuring some birthday party invitations with a summer theme:

The first one is a brand new BBQ and beer themed party invitation with string lights.

And this one is a gorgeous BBQ invitation for a woman’s birthday in vintage style.
And if you love wine, this one may be to your taste:

This picnic or garden party invitation can be customized for a birthday.

I’ve also created several pool party invitations, both for adults and kids, all customizable for birthdays!
You can also take a look for more invitations at the birthday page on my website.