Summer! Personalized Beverage Coolers

As it’s getting hotter, you’ll be in need of cool beverages. So today I am featuring three new personalized beverage coolers. The first one features a fresh colorful rainbow striped design with your custom background color and your own funny quotes:

And the second design is also a stripe, but this time it is an elegant blue gradient pattern with white:

And last but not least, a colorful plaid pattern in happy summer colors:

Cheers to a happy summer!

#MondayMotivation: More business cards for spiritual professionals

This Monday I am sharing new business cards for spiritual professionals with you. The first one is a Buddhist meditation business card featuring an image of a Buddha statue on a Milky Way galaxy background:

The second one is a crystal star fantasy design for a crystal healer, tarot reader or other metaphysical professional:

And if you are a professional palm reader, this next business card might be just for you:

Also available with a crystal ball image for a psychic or aura reader:

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Must-have cards with cats

It’s always handy to stock up on cards for birthdays or other milestone events in case you did not get enough time to prepare. And as today is #Caturday, I am using this opportunity to feature some cards and postcards for special events. The first is a funny cat Father’s Day card:

Of course you can also change the texts for other occasions 🙂
The next card is a funny birthday card with a Mondrian style drawing of a (admitted, slightly drunk :-)) kitty:

Also available as postcard.
And an angel cat greeting card in case a loved kitty passes away:

And this one you do need to plan ahead: a relocation card

Fine Art Wine Themed Paintings

I find wine a very inspiring subject to paint. There are so many ways to create a wine themed painting. Today I am showing a collection of different styles of paintings, all with wine or grapes as center theme. I start with my latest painting, inspired by cubism:

It's Wine O'Clock - fine art painting
And this next painting I originally started to create a wedding invitation, but then decided it would be more beautiful as a painting for on the wall. You can see a lovely landscape with poppies and an artistic wine bottle. A lantern in the tree adds that romantic touch …

Landscape with Wine Fine Art Painting

And classic Italian architecture is also a theme that you will find more often in my paintings. Of course nothing better than to combine it with a good glass of wine!
Toast to Wine Lovers Fine Art Painting
And this pale teal and blush pink painting of wine at the beach also started out as a wedding collection. Perfect for beach lovers!
Wine at the Beach Fine Art Painting
That’s just a few of them. You can find more in the gallery

Celebrating? Custom wine labels

Do you want to say Thank You to someone or do you have a celebration coming up? You may like the new personalized wine labels. I’ve created a bunch of them, for birthdays, to say Thank You to a teacher and more. I am featuring some here:

A happy and festive birthday wine label with your own funny texts.

A classic design chalkboard wine label to say Thank You to a teacher.
And a Gatsby or art deco inspired design with a rose gold text image “Aged to Perfection” for a birthday:

And if you like adventure and sunsets, this wedding hot air balloon wine label might be just for you:

Of course you can also use this wine label for a romantic birthday celebration or another festive occasion!
You can find a more wine label designs in the wine lovers section of this blog.

Gifts and Home Styling for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is always uplifting and inspiring in my view and today I am featuring a painting I created with a coffee theme. I’ve added it to a few products so far. And as always, you can customize, drag or delete the texts. The first is a kitchen tile:

And then a stone coaster:

And a pillow:

All products work well to create a warm homey feeling in your living space and are also great to fit into an industrial design interior.

#MondayMotivation: Business Cards for spiritual professionals

It’s Monday again, time to get back to work! Today’s inspiration are business cards for spiritual professionals, like astrologers, clairvoyants, shamans and related businesses. I’ve chosen one of the astrologer’s business cards as special feature:

This business card shows a vintage design of an astrological clock.
And you can find the entire collection here:

Beacons of hope: new lighthouse paintings

Lately it seems I can’t get enough of painting lighthouses and thus you can find two new paintings in the gallery.
The first one shows a tranquil coastal scene at sunset:
The Lighthouse 4
And the second lighthouse is situated in a rocky coastal area and faces a storm approaching with dark skies:
The Lighthouse 5
Of course you can find seagulls in both paintings, and in the second one the cat Knor also managed to find a majestic place for herself 🙂

#Caturday! Whimsical design pillows for cat lovers

I can’t think of anything more delightful than sharing a hug and caress with a kitty. And if you don’t have a real cat around, a soft and fluffy pillow may be as good as it gets. Whether you have or have not access to “the real deal”, a fluffy pillow in your living space is always nice.
I have been drawing cats lately and made some pillows. As I could not decide which colors I liked best, I used all designs, so here goes:

A lovely dreamy effect with that pale teal blue, don’t you think? I used subtle watercolor effects on this one.
The next one has more bold colors:

And the lotus like background on this slightly darker pillow creates an effect of angel cats with wings:

And last but not least a gold gradient effect for elegance:

So what is your favorite? They are all available on Zazzle and you can customize by adding texts or a monogram for instance. Beautiful as a gift for a cat lover!
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Colorful design tiles for kitchen or bathroom

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE tiles and geometric patterns. So lately I had a blast creating a whole bunch of new geometric patterns and turned them into tiles. Zazzle has beautiful ceramic tiles that are suitable for use as bathroom or kitchen tiles. You get the best effect in this series by combining different tiles. For a creative and bohemian atmosphere 🙂
It was difficult to find a favorite, but here is a colorful one that pops out:

And here is the entire collection:

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